Old Man Winter was set to return to South Central Texas late Tuesday, dropping unusually warm temperatures from the upper 70s into the 40s by nightfall.

“A cold front just north of Austin should be coming through New Braunfels this evening,” said Jason Runyen, a National Weather Service meteorologist based at New Braunfels Regional Airport, said Tuesday afternoon. “Expect to see temperatures drop in the evening and an increase in northerly winds overnight, with much colder high temperatures on Wednesday.”

Temperatures are expected to remain in the 40s all day Wednesday and dip into the lower 30s by evening, with only a 20% chance of light rain before and just after midnight.

“There will be only a slight chance of snow flurries Wednesday night into early Thursday,” Runyen said. “If any did occur it won’t have much of an impact, especially in town.”

Any winter weather would occur along the Interstate 35 corridor, north and west of Kerrville.

“On Wednesday morning there could be some bridges that could have some patchy ice on them, but by Thursday the precipitation will move out of the area,” Runyen said.

The cold front will only cast a glancing blow on South Central Texas, where temperatures will rebound back into the 70s by week’s end. Its punch will be felt more in the northern and eastern states, where temperatures have also been much warmer than usual.

The cold and wet will last only 36 hours, with clearing conditions and a high of 60 degrees forecast on Thursday. Highs should reach 73 on Friday, 69 on Saturday and 71 on Sunday – and near 75 degrees with a 30 percent chance of rain on Monday.

“We get back into the 70s on Friday, before a weak cold front pushes temperatures down a bit into the upper 60s on Saturday,” Runyen said. “So winter returns, but only for a day and a half.”


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