If you’re in search of a pool table or a new pet, sniff no further than the Humane Society of the New Braunfels Area.

On Saturday, the HSNBA will hold their first “Barking” Lot Sale. 

Sarah Hammond, executive director of the HSNBA, said the idea came from her team.

“I had very little to do with this,” Hammond said. “They said, ‘We want to do this,’ and I said, ‘Okay.’” 

It’s called “Barking” Lot because they will be selling the donated items on the HSNBA parking lot. The staff have been collecting donations for the past three weeks.

“There’s clothes, there’s home décor, somebody is donating a pool table,” she said, explaining the sale will have a little bit of everything. 

In addition, they will have books, pet care items and comforters that are still in their packaging. 

There will be no price on the items. Instead, visitors can name their price. So if someone wants to purchase the pool table, they can pay what they think it’s worth. There is no maximum or minimum price, and items will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

“It’s kind of crazy but the staff is having fun with it,” Hammond said. “Any little thing that we can do to raise a little extra funds helps us help more animals.”

Additionally, the HSNBA will have a $25 adoption sale running from Friday through the end of September.

“Kitten season does not seem to be ending anytime soon,” Hammond said. “And we’re so full that we’re at the point of having to consider euthanizing less adoptable animals, and that’s not a place I want to be.”

The Barking Lot Sale is Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the HSNBA’s parking lot, 3353 Morningside Drive. Donations for the sale will be taken until 7 p.m. today. For more information, call (830) 629-5287 or email generalinfo@hsnba.org.

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