For San Antonio or Austin Wurstfest goers who are looking for the full German experience from start to end, a German-based company is offering 99-cent bus rides to the festival on a special route. 

FlixBus, a long-distance travel provider that launched in Texas just this past March, is celebrating 100,000 Lone Star passengers with two specials. The first special will offer 10,000 tickets for only 99 cents. In addition, the company will be running a special route to Wurstfest to celebrate the common German heritage between FlixBus and nearly 2.5 million Texans. 

The 99-cent tickets will be available for rides within Texas from Oct. 21 to Nov. 21 and will be on sale from now until Friday, Oct. 18. 

“We have a lot to celebrate in Texas right now, and we want to give back to the communities that have welcomed FlixBus with open arms since last spring,” said Pierre Gourdain, managing director of FlixBus USA. “Nearly 65% of our first-time FlixBus users had never taken a long-distance bus before. We want to thank these passengers and convince even more Texans to park their cars and choose the bus.”

FlixBus will celebrate its German heritage with a special stop at Wurstfest in New Braunfels beginning on Nov. 1.


“Texas has a large German heritage, which hits home with FlixBus as we were launched by three German founders in Munich in 2013,” Gourdain said. “To honor this shared heritage, we have added a special stop in New Braunfels for passengers who wish to easily and safely travel to the German Wurstfest festival.”

The stop will be at the New Braunfels Brewing Company at 180 W. Mill St. Suite 100, a short walk from the festival grounds, said Brittany Posey, senior manager of corporate communications for FlixMobility, the parent company of FlixBus. 

“We were started in Germany in 2013 and spread across Europe to 28 countries,” Posey said. “In May of 2018 we launched in the U.S. out of the southwest, in California to Arizona. Our leadership decided to start in ‘car country,’ to really test and see how FlixBus would work in U.S. market.”

After doing well, the company spread to Texas this past spring, Posey said. 

“We quickly found people were eager to take the bus across a long distance rather than drive,” Posey said. “When we found out about Wurstfest, we figured, since we’re German based, how can we not service the festival?”

Today, FlixBus serves more than 80 destinations across the United States, Posey said. 

“We found that 65% of all our passengers had never taken a long distance bus,” Posey said. “We realized there’s a demography that had been untapped for folks interested in public transportation.”

Even when not offering the 99-cent special, FlixBus tickets are about $4.99, Posey said.

“That’s our model, we are low cost transportation system but not low quality,” Posey said.

For more information about FlixBus, download the app or visit www.flixbus.com.

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