Stop Vulcan Quarry

A sign protesting the quarry calls for public involvement. 

BULVERDE — Milann Guckian compares herself to Erin Brockovich, or as a David fighting an uphill battle against a Goliath.

“I’m not happy,” said Guckian, one of several residents opposed to Vulcan Construction Materials’ proposed rock-crushing plant at the corner of Highway 46 and Farm-to-Market Road 3009. “I’m going to fight this thing — and I’m going to be a pain in their butt.”

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David Brown

Please understand what a devastating impact this proposed Vulcan "rock crusher" will have on the existing community and the future development of this part of Comal County. These damaging and long-lasting traumas will bring no positive benefit to anyone in the surrounding communities -- but we will be forced to live with, and next door to this, for the next 50+ years.
Air Pollution from dust and particles
Water pollution from run-off chemicals
Noise pollution from blasting and daily crushing and quarrying activities
Heavily increased traffic (rock trucks) along a highway 46 already busy with commuters, school buses, semis, tubers and vacationers
Reduction or elimination of water supply to locally produced wine and food crops
Potential blasting damage to existing cave structures and attractions such as Natural Bridge Caverns and the environmental affect on our bat population
Destabilization of existing Edward Aquifer, affected by the blasts
Immediate and permanent drop in real estate values and tax-base
Potential damage to building foundations that will not be covered by home insurance
The "New Braunfels Experience" will be marred by the presence of this eye-sore and noxious operation -- causing potential vacationers to 'move on'
This area has great potential as a residential development area for people retiring to Texas -- this potential, and its increased tax-base, will be irrevocably lost
Future Development:
Where Rock Quarries come, ASPHALT plants are not far behind (this area has both the limestone and sandstone required for this industry) Although not operated by Vulcan, development of this industry will cause further environmental decline of the area
Comal County will lose the opportunity to develop its existing natural attractions into a premier residential and vacation area in Texas.

Nunya Biness

This is right over the aquifer and not necessary. In addition I have breathing problems due to COPD and will sue because I will have to move. No one has been allowed any input, even the previous land owner is against it and says they weren't told. I get they can do this but it's an awful idea that will destroy the beauty we have out here, pollute our air and water, negatively affect tourism/local economy, strain the already overburdened infrastructure and on and on. It is just not in the best interest of the residents of Comal County and those downwind and downstream.


Public Comment Period is OPEN

• Register your ‘personal’ concerns about this Quarry. Make sure you highlight how contamination of the air and downstream effects of air quality will impact your “health and physical property”

• 
• Insert permit #: 147392L001

Make a air quality, health and safety comment

David Brown

Image driving along west highway 46, near HEB, and many other commercial businesses that have located there.
Imagine living along west Highway 46 in Manor Creek, Vintage Oaks, John Newcombe Estates, etc.
Now imagine over a dozen heavy long and large rock hauling trucks on that road, carrying 20 tons of rock each.
Imagine the small rocks falling and breaking your windshields.
Imagine the cracks inside your home concerning your walls as each blast is set off.
Imagine the health issues as the dust from a new quarry floats over and onto your home you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for.
Imagine a swimming pool where you can never keep the water clean.
Imagine the City of New Braunfels only caring about how much money they can make from such a business.
Imagine the folks that oversee Comal County not caring anything about you, just big business.
Welcome to Comal County and New Braunfels in 2018. It's coming.
All because we have leaders that only care about money, not the citizens that put them there.
Everyone knows the Environmental Impact Permit Vulcan has applied for will be approved. Why? Because Vulcan has very deep pockets and they will most likely pay off everyone they need to.
We are the sheep and Vulcan is the Wolf.
Right about now, we need a hero.

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