A new piece of medical technology has found its first home in the region at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa – New Braunfels.

The SPY-PHI, an advanced imaging platform, allows surgeons to see blood flow in vessels and related tissues during procedures. Securing this new piece of technology is a win for the New Braunfels community in helping patients not need to travel out of the city for a procedure, said CHRISTUS Santa Rosa – New Braunfels president Jim Wesson. 

The new tech allows doctors to avoid future potential complications, save more tissue and helps assure patients will heal better, said Joe Bonner, clinical director of perioperative services.

“CHRISTUS is investing in a lot of new technology to improve patient safety and better patient outcomes,” Bonner said.

Included in the “1688 Advanced Imaging Modalities 4K Platform” is the SPY Portable Handheld Imaging System, allowing the surgeon to see blood flow. 

The patient is injected with a dye, which is then activated by the handheld device and shows up on the device’s camera.

“It’s very useful for gallbladder surgeries, colon resections, breast reconstruction and to identify lymph nodes and perfusions,” Bonner said.

The ability to visualize blood flow during open surgery or minimally invasive surgery allows surgeons to better make critical decisions, explained Dr. Anthony Bordon. 

“This technology is a game-changer when it comes to minimally-invasive procedures,” Bordon said. “It allows us to quickly make critical decisions which will in turn lead to better outcomes for our patients — which is a goal of ours each and every time we enter the OR.”

Since the technology has been implemented at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa – New Braunfels, it’s been instrumental in 30 different surgeries, said Cody Matthews, SPY-PHI sales representative. 

“If used in amputations, it allows more of the limb to be saved, since doctors can see what parts have a good blood flow,” Matthews said.

The SPY-PHI can capture, stream and record imaging as well, which can be reviewed by staff and the surgeon, Matthews said.  

“It is an easy learning curve for doctors and staff, so we’ve been able to get it up in use very quickly,” Matthews said. 

This technology is allowing CHRISTUS to better serve the people of New Braunfels as the first SPY-PHI between Austin and San Antonio in the area, Wesson said.

“The introduction of the SPY-PHI technology to our surgical department is just another demonstration of CHRISTUS Santa Rosa’s commitment to assuring a high quality of surgical care for New Braunfels,” Wesson said. “This significant investment, along with other additions of state of the art OR equipment has been very well received by our surgeons and our OR team.”

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa – New Braunfels is located at 600 N. Union Ave. For more information visit bit.ly/33wHBQV or call 210-704-2000.


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