Brit King wants his legacy to be a better New Braunfels of tomorrow.

King, the President and CEO of the New Braunfels Community Foundation, enjoys his work with local donors and non-profits, and has a personal heart for serving the area.

Born and raised in Texas, King moved all over the state growing up due to his father’s job as a Valero executive.

“We bounced around between Corpus Christi, Houston and San Antonio,” King said. “I spent elementary school in Corpus, and did middle school and some of high school in Houston, and then my last few years of high school were in San Antonio.”

King completed high school in San Antonio, where he attended Alamo Heights High School and played tennis. It was during this time he and his wife, Nanette, first met and became friends.

After graduating from UT with a bachelor’s degree in finance, King moved to New York and worked on Wall Street for four years at a small firm.

“I lived outside of Manhattan for two years and then in Manhattan for two years,” King said. “I loved my time in New York — I enjoyed all the restaurants and the four seasons, but I’m a Texas boy at heart.”

Knowing he wanted Texas to still be his forever home, King moved back to Texas, and settled into a job in San Antonio working as a stock and equity trader.

“When I moved back I became a stock broker, and equity trader, I ran an equity training desk in San Antonio, which I was intrigued by that,” King said.

King was recruited to Houston to help start a business in 1996. 

“I helped start an equity trading desk there for one of the largest regional firms in the country at the time,” King said. “That was a ton of fun, because I had a budget, I got to build all the trading desks and build all the sales desks and hire all the people, it was really a cool time.”

He and Nanette, a New Braunfels native, married in 1992, and would go on to have two sons — Westin, 25, and Parker, 20. For eight years, King commuted to Houston during the week and returned home to New Braunfels on weekends.

“I wasn’t able to be there enough as a father and husband,” King said. “I wasn’t able to be a fulltime father and husband on Saturday and Sunday.”

King returned to New Braunfels fulltime in 2008 and took some time to focus on being a father while also doing consulting work on the side.

He recalls hearing about the start of the Community Foundation in 2009, thanks to the efforts of Cecil Eager, David Pfeuffer, Marian Benson, Roger Tunnel and Doug Toney.

“He suggested a community foundation to the chamber,” King said of Eager. “They said, ‘Great idea, but that’s not a chamber function, you should do it.’ So they started figuring out, ‘Okay how do we do this?’ and so it took them about four years of meeting and researching and studying difference cities’ community foundations.”

Hearing about the mission of the Community Foundation, King said the mission of the organization personally touched him.

“I started in 2013 as the only employee,” King said. “Now we have two employees — myself and Betty Taylor. We started in 2013 with zero dollars, now we have hundreds of funds.”

During his six-year tenure, King has seen the community foundation’s assets grow to $7 million.

“We have about $40 million pledged to the foundation, give or take,” King said. “We do a lot of scholarship funds, and help manage a lot of those. Out of our 100 funds, about 40 of them are scholarships.”

As a member of the New Braunfels community since 2000, King has served on a number of boards and organizations, including on the board for Hope Hospice, and as secretary for the Downtown Rotary Club. He’s gone through Leadership New Braunfels, serves as a blue coat for the chamber, and has been a member of chamber committees and boards.

King was named Rotarian of the year for 2019, and will serve as the president of the club in the coming year. 

“I love Rotary, I make sure I go to the meetings every Thursday, and was very touched to be named Rotarian of the year,” King said.

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