The next section of Veramendi to be planned for development will be for single-family housing, and is set to go before council for consideration in the next couple of months. 

Chris O’Connor, a consultant representing ASA Properties, the agency in charge of planning the 2,400-Veramendi development, presented to the council last Monday Nov. 11 on proposed amendments to Sector Plan 1A and briefed council on Sector 3, which will be filed for application in December or January.

“On Nov. 25, council is going to be seeing a proposed amendment to a previously approved Sector Plan, Sector Plan 1A,” O’Connor said. “There’s a section we’ve proposed to have some changes.”

There are also amendments recommended for the master framework based on the sector 1A amendments set on the agenda for the Nov. 25 meeting.

These changes are mostly minor, such as amending the designation of a park within a gated community, the removal of a sub street, and stipulations on block length, O’Connor explained.

Other amendments relate to the realignment of some major roadways and consecutive changes, O’Connor said.

“The areas in light gray show the original road alignments,” O’Connor said showing a map. “The darker gray dotted lines are the new alignments. … The bulk of the changes don’t change traffic or layout much, they’re just more preferable alignments to better connect parts of the project.”

O’Connor then switched over to talking about ASA’s plans for Sector 3, which will be a 188 acres and is intended to be a single-family sector, with the typical density of 2.5 to 5 dwellings per acre.

“This would generate about 440 to 870 dwelling units,” O’Connor said. “This sector includes 32.6 acres of parks and open space, including three lineal open space corridors, two neighborhood parks and four landscape amenity parks.”

Another key element is it will be the first sector that includes a portion of the FM 1863 connection, O’Connor said.

“This will be the first opportunity for the city to being to review and plan for a road that will be designed here, and we are going to show two different scenarios for road cross sections, both which would fit in the development agreement,” O’Connor said.

O’Connor assured council the Sector 3 application won’t be as tedious to go through as Sector 2 was, since the reason Sector 2 was so strenuous was because it was a commercial sector.

“That was the reason for giving you a 330 page document for review,” O’Connor said to councilmembers. “Sector 3 has no specialized stipulations, its more straightforward. There will be 8 to 9 sheets of technical details and amendments which were referred to earlier.”

Sector Plan 3 was submitted back in September of this year, but city staff and the planning commission saw some issues with it, which ASA Properties is happy to work with city staff on, O’Connor said.

“It did catch us by surprise when it recommended for denial,” O’Connor said. “We’re going to give an overview of what specific issues have been raised and how we as a team intend to work with staff on these.”

The first issue was maximum block length, O’Connor said. 

“While some were greater than 550 feet, we still felt the design would achieve a walkable network for pedestrians and vehicles,” O’Connor said. “We are happy to work with the city to make revisions or seek staff support for conformance with an alternative standard.”

The second issue was on park designations, O’Connor said. The city recommended a certain area be reclassified and reprogrammed as pocket parks.

“That area has a very substantial area of trees worth retention, so the intent of identifying those as landscape amenity parks was to maximize retention of threes without conflict,” O’Connor said. “We are happy to work to achieve the required programming, but we hope to retain those trees best as possible.”

Another item raised with staff was street extensions into unplated plots of land, he said.

“At this point, those properties are owned by people outside of Veramendi, and city staff raised concern there are no street extensions into those areas,” O’Connor said. “We’re not trying to get out of that need or requirement, we just we felt needed more practical coordination with the other land owners,” O’Connor said. “ASA is in discussions with those land owners to see if there are solutions that will help determine best location for extensions.”

The last item of concern was traffic, O’Connor said. 

“Staff felt they weren’t given enough information to complete a review, so we are willing to work with the city staff to ensure they have what they need,” O’Connor said.

“We seek to work with staff in next month or so and bring the application to the planning commission in December, and to you with a favorable recommendation at a later meeting,” O’Connor said. 

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Elton Schwab

Why am I not excited about any of this development? Sigh...

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