There’s not a lot Abbie Maberry of Moms of New Braunfels can say about Isaac Juarez’s event on Monday.

That’s because the majority of the event will be full of surprises.

What she can say is that the event ¬— which is a private screening of “Toy Story 4,” being held at Alamo Drafthouse New Braunfels — is sold out.

The company donated the tickets and the Juarez family were able to invite as many people they wanted to.

Six-year-old Isaac Juarez was recently pulled out of chemotherapy treatment and placed into hospice care suffering from medulloblastoma, a cancerous tumor.

The community has rallied around Isaac and his family, working to give him the best summer ever.

The family has gone on a two-night retreat at Mountain Oaks Retreat in Canyon Lake. On Sunday the family was given the opportunity to attend a Liga MX soccer game. The league comes to San Antonio to play during the offseason, and the San Antonio Spurs gave the Juarez family an entire suite for them to watch the game from.

The Juarez family will have so many activities and opportunities to make more memories, she said.

What they are and who they are from will not be revealed until Monday night.

“We have had an incredible amount of support from the businesses in town,” Maberry said. “It’s going to be really good.”

Some restaurants have even been offering to provide a full meal for the entire family. 

“So, they’re going to be able to have quite a few activities that they can go to, meals that they can go have, and things that Isaac and his siblings can do together with mom and dad,” Maberry said. “We’re really excited for them to be able to receive all of these things.”

Crafts created by kids who want to help Isaac will be sold at the event, too. 

Maberry said she worries about traffic and overwhelming the Juarez family, especially since the event is sold out.

Other than that, Maberry and MONB have major surprises for Isaac and his family. From beginning to end.

However, the event will not mark the end of helping Isaac and his family.

“I did tell Elida (Isaac’s mother) the other day that this isn’t the end game,” Maberry said. “We really love this family for quite a while and we just want to make sure that whatever other needs arise that we’re able to step in and help if we can.”

Later in July, EVO Entertainment in Schertz will have an event where a percentage of proceeds will go toward the Juarez family. The date is yet to be determined.

Another organization, Project: Birthday Bash & Co., have stepped in and will be hosting Isaac’s birthday. Maberry said she and MONB are not involved, but she has heard the organization is in need of volunteers.

To keep up to date on Isaac and the Juarez family, visit To find out how help, email Maberry at

To learn how to help Project: Birthday Bash & Co. for Isaac’s birthday, visit

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