In about a month, New Braunfels will see the opening of TaskUs, a customer support and back office operations company, bringing 450 new jobs to the area. 

The 45- to 50,000-square-foot facility, located in the larger Heritage Park building at 1650 Independence Dr., should be completed in the next 45 days, completing an over 120-day build out. 

“We’ve pretty much done most of the IT work and (are) starting to build out the physical space,” Joe Buggy, chief operating officer of TaskUs, said. 

He said the company is bringing a unique kind of workspace to New Braunfels. 

“The physical spaces are very forward,” Buggy said. “It’s very open space. We tend to build out a fairly significant percentage of the square footage for break rooms. We’ve got game rooms. We’ve got a gym with showers. We’ve got a full kitchen.” 

TaskUs received approval from the New Braunfels City Council in March for $183,000 of incentives and property tax rebates. 

The New Braunfels Economic Development Corporation approved the expenditure initially in February, finances that will go toward equipment improvements and start-up costs. 

The city expects to collect $169,044 in revenue over 10 years from TaskUs’ activities in New Braunfels. 

As part of the incentive agreement, TaskUs agreed to bring 450 jobs to the city, 225 of which will pay more than $15 per hour.

Buggy said hiring should start soon. 

“We’ve got a really good list of candidates, as we’re going to start to hire for our first candidate going in,” Buggy said. 

The city council also nominated TaskUs as a Texas Enterprise Zone project during its May 14 meeting. 

The designation is an economic development tool, which allows nominated projects access to state sales and use tax refunds to assist with capital investments. 

TaskUs must submit its application by Sept. 1, with a decision to come later this fall. 

“We started from an operations perspective in Texas in San Antonio,” Buggy said. “Our two founders live in Austin so this is a very familiar area for us. New Braunfels brings a really robust talent pool. The folks we’ve talked to and interacted with are just ideal candidates.” 

TaskUs was founded in 2008 and has offices in San Antonio, Latin America and the Philippines. It has worked with companies such as Uber, Eventbrite and Hootsuite.

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