The New Braunfels Police Department will host its first Domestic Violence Resource Fair at the New Braunfels Food Bank October 16.

The idea came from NBPD’s Victim Liaisons Lindsey Murray and Priscilla Drozd.

“We’ve been brain storming about it, and this year we are putting it into action,” Murray said.

The idea behind the fair, since Murray created the program almost four years ago, is to get all the community organizations and agencies in one room so that victims won’t have to go place to place. Instead, it would be a one-stop shop, and they would have a plan in place. 

“Knowledge is power, and they will have it all in their fingertips,” Murray said.

Those nonprofits and agencies schedule to be there include the Mexican Consulate from San Antonio, the Crisis Center of Comal County, NBPD dispatch, an NBPD school resource officer, NBPD records department, two representatives from the Comal County District Attorney’s office, the MHDD Hill Country, Family Promise, the Children’s Advocacy Center of Comal County, the Guadalupe County Children’s Advocacy Center, the McKenna Foundation, Community Council of South Central Texas, and Recovery works.

 “It’s just something that we’ve had for a long time, and we just decided to do it this year,”

And of course, the New Braunfels Food Bank, the cohost of the resource fair.

Drozd said NBFB Development Director Luis Guzman is amazing.

“He saw the vision and he is a big advocate for it,” she said.

In addition to the NBPD victim liaison, an NBPD family violence detective and crime scene technicians will be there as well.

However, the resource fair is informal, setup like a health fair. There will be no presentations made. Instead, it will be information for the visitor to receive, as well as ask questions.

“We feel that it’s important that our community is aware of the resources available to them,” Drozd said.

The Domestic Violence Resource Fair is open to the public, and does not require a person to be a victim to attend. 

“It’s for whoever wants to come in and gather information, or just get to know the community members and what resources are available,” Murray said.

The Domestic Violence Resource Fair will be on Wednesday, October 16, at 5 p.m. at the New Braunfels Food Bank, 1620 South Seguin Avenue.

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