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A year after a criminal appeals court reversed the 2016 convictions of a New Braunfels man on child indecency and sexual assault charges, his trial on those and additional charges began with jury selection on Monday.

Florentino Richard Gonzales, 67, is back in Judge Bruce Boyer’s 207th District Court, where in July 2016 jurors found Gonzales guilty of four counts of indecency with a child-sexual contact and two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child, all on separate occasions in 2006. 

Gonzales, who was acquitted on three other charges, was sentenced to 100 years in prison. 

He appealed, claiming the trial court allowed improper testimony, improperly instructed jurors and accepted non-unanimous jury verdicts.

In December 2017, the Third Court of Appeals agreed, finding reversible error in overturning all six convictions. 

In August 2018, Comal County prosecutors sought an indictment against Gonzales for four additional counts of indecency with a child-sexual contact.

Criminal Assistant District Attorney Jackie Doyer, the lead prosecutor during Gonzales’ 2016 trial, is being assisted by criminal ADA Kiera Kilday. Susan Schoon is representing Gonzales, who was returned from prison to the Comal County Jail in June 2018. 

He remains jailed under $225,000 in bonds.

The new indictment, filed Aug. 1, 2018, alleges Gonzales with acts of indecency that involved sexual contact with a child under the age of 17 on four separate occasions in June and July 2006. 

Convictions on the two first-degree felony aggravated assault charges each carry up to 99 years to life in prison and fines up to $20,000. 

Convictions on the eight second-degree felony indecency charges each carry up to 20 years in prison and fines up to $10,000.

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