Small Business Saturday

Kim Huffman browses through clothing items while sipping wine at The Pomegranate during Sip-N-Shop in Gruene on Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2019. MIKALA COMPTON | Herald-Zeitung

While looking for holiday gifts this season, don’t forget to think small — and shop local businesses.

Following the madness of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday is a chance to get out and support the community by shopping at New Braunfels’ very 

own boutiques and stores — and chamber leaders hope to remind everyone of the benefits of shopping small. 

“Our local small businesses are the backbone of our economy in many ways,” said Greater New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Michael Meek. “Supporting them shows the world that we support all levels of the economy.”

Small Business Saturday was originally the initiative of American Express and the US Chamber of Commerce, created in 2010 to encourage small town businesses to do business at home. 

“The program has grown over its existence since 2010 to a program that has become well recognized in communities across America as a reminder to shop at home,” said Chester Jenke, vice president of economic development for the Greater New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce and the New Braunfels Economic Development Corporation. 

Small Business Saturday helps New Braunfels because every community needs a vibrant economy that is diverse, top to bottom, Meek said.

“Supporting local small businesses keeps our hard-earned dollars circulating here longer, thus benefitting more New Braunfelsers,” Meek said. “When you shop on-line with out of city or state entities, your funds go there as well.”

New Braunfels has everything you could want for holiday shopping, with the benefit of also being able to touch and experience your items rather than viewing them in a catalog or online, Meek added.

“(You get to) know that it fits, that it is the right color, that you can easily return it if something is wrong,” Meek said. “All the while knowing that you also helped your fellow citizens live, work, and play here.”

Local shoppers also get to interface with members of their own community, Jenke said, pointing out there are often times you can find small business owners in the restaurants or shops they own.

“And according to the International Economic Development Council $68 of every $100 dollars spent locally stays within the local economy versus only $43 if the business is not local,” Jenke said. “More importantly, small businesses make up that majority of all US businesses and employ nearly half — 47.5% — of all of the US workforce.”

From boutiques in Gruene to shops downtown, New Braunfels has a ton of local shops to choose from, Meek said.

“I frequent numerous local businesses that have the first opportunity to meet my needs and all are my favorites,” Jenke said “Especially when you have the opportunity to chat with the owner.”

The holiday shopping timeframe of November and December are the largest sales tax revenue months to most cities, but not to New Braunfels Meek said. 

“Summer has historically been our largest sales tax revenue months, but November and December have been growing more and more due to the added shopping amenities with Creekside and others,” Meek said. “New Braunfels enjoys a healthy sales tax revenue growth due to this, estimated at over plus 6% this year over last.”

For this Small Business Saturday, New Braunfelsers should definitely shop New Braunfels first, Meek said.

For more information about downtown New Braunfels, visit

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Harold Zeitung

Most of these small businesses just sell stuff that should be thrown away. Every corner has an "antique" store. Find something more interesting than being the middle man on junk products.

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