Several new officers, cadets and staffers were formally welcomed into the New Braunfels Police Department, during a swearing in ceremony Wednesday at NBPD headquarters. 

“We held a ceremony for seven certified officers, four non-certified cadets who will soon go to the academy, two new records clerks and a new chaplain,” said David Ferguson, NBPD communications coordinator, of new members who were sworn in by New Braunfels Municipal Court Judge Rose Zamora.

Carlos Cruz, Issac Nolasco, Beverly Fraga, Michael Kuhl, James Fonseca, Matthew Lemmon and Juan Santos are the new certified officers, with Daniel Salas, Matthew Schwarz, Seth Prochaska and Jaime Escobar joining as cadets headed to the department’s training academy.

Kelly Kempker and Marriah Lance are the department’s newest clerks, and Epic Life church Pastor Brent Isbill welcomed as chaplain.

Ferguson said the additions bring NBPD’s total of sworn staff members to 128, with four unfilled positions that will be filled during the department’s next hiring process this fall. The newest officers will be guided by veteran officers into learning NBPD procedures, with cadets receiving months of academy training before they formally join the department.

“We sought to add new recruits, and we are very pleased with the numbers of those who applied during our last hiring call,” Ferguson said. “We also welcome our new clerks who joined us several weeks ago, as well as Pastor Isbill who joins our program of six chaplains affiliated with varied denominations.”

For more, visit the department’s Facebook page.

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