The GVTC premium WiFi Calix router is a WiFi 6 capable system, providing faster speeds, larger coverage and the ability to connect more devices. Photo courtesy of GVTC


GVTC customers can now get premium wifi. 

Late last month, GVTC announced that through it’s partnership with Calix, it is working to give local 

customers access to the world’s most powerful WiFi, the WiFi 6 system build on the Calix GigaSpire BLAST. 

This allows for greater area coverage, faster speeds and the ability to connect more devices to a WiFi system, GVTC stated in an official statement.

“We’re thrilled to offer our local customers a world-class service far superior to other solutions, with none of the associated headaches,” said GVTC CEO Ritchie Sorrells. “GVTC Premium WiFi Service includes support for more devices, higher throughput, greater coverage, and an app to make managing the home network a breeze.”

WiFi 6 capable technology is designed to support newer devices like the iPhone 11, Samsung S10 and more, along with those yet to come, GVTC stated. 

GVTC is the largest telecom cooperative in Texas, providing services such as Internet, cable, phone and home security. 

“Our goal has long been to better connect local customers to one another and to the rest of the world through technology,” said Josh Pettiette, vice president of product, business development and strategic planning at GVTC. “Our premium WiFi powered by WiFi 6 is another ‘first’ for GVTC customers who had first access to area telephones, cable, fiber internet and finally smart home security.”

Since GVTC’s fiber deployment over 12 years, Calix has been a great partner with GVTC, said Paula Novodvorschi, communications coordinator for GVTC. 

“Calix provided fiber network equipment and recently focused on providing the very best carrier-grade in-home Wi-Fi router, leveraging the latest and most advanced technology powered by Wi-Fi 6,” Novodvorschi said. 

Demand for WiFi in the home has increased over the last several years with more connected devices, she added.

“As the customer demand increased, it was time for GVTC to upgrade our solution, so our customers can be provided a superior experience that fits all Wi-Fi lifestyles in the home,” Novodvorschi said.

No other local provider is offering a WiFi 6 router that is mesh capable, solves buffering and dead spots in the home, and that provides a home networking app, Novodvorschi said.

“it provides GVTC a way to support our customers more intelligently using remote tools through a Managed Wi-Fi feature, so we can troubleshoot with customers when they need it rather than having to send a technician to the home every time,” she said.

Delivering fiber Internet to 80% of its service area with an award-winning fiber network, GVTC said they did the update wanting to make sure customers had the very best WiFi tech.

“This new router upgrade offers three big benefits for GVTC customers: one, greater home WiFi coverage; two, more connected devices and three stronger and faster throughput for better speeds.”

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(2) comments

Harold Zeitung

This doesn’t speed anything up if the bottleneck is GVTC 12mbps service. Thanks for the slow service in my neighborhood.

Richard Johnson

As much as I expect WiFi 6 to improve home networking, it won't do anything for existing devices. They are not WiFi 6 capable. Making the claims now will do nothing but cause WiFi 6's real world benefits to be perceived to be false. So, if you are a home user, and have standard WiFi (5 and below) you won't see much of any improvement at this time.

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