Jody Lebrecht at the Humane Society of the New Braunfels Area with a dog.

Call it a special senior discount. The Humane Society of the New Braunfels Area is eliminating adoption fees for its senior pets and reducing them for all younger pets.

Sarah Hammond, executive director of HSNBA, said originally the restructured prices were only going to be offered to senior citizens adopting senior dogs with the goal of reducing the number of pets in the HSNBA’s care.

“But then we thought, ‘Why just do it for senior adopters?’” Hammond said.

No matter the age of the adopter, adoption fees for pets between the ages of 6 months and 4 years are now half-off. 

For senior pets, ages 5 and over, adoption fees have been waived altogether.

The HSNBA staff tell potential adopters what the care consists of.

“We know that older dogs, especially smaller dogs, are going to need dental, and that can get expensive,” Hammond said. “We know senior dogs need that.”

By waiving the adoption fee, the money could be used for care that may include dental, arthritis, daily supplements or pain pills.

“The older we get, the harder it is on our organs,” Hammond said. “So we don’t want to hoist them on someone who doesn’t understand or isn’t capable of caring for them.”

She said there are pros when it comes to adopting older dogs, such as being house trained.

“They’re not chewing everything like a younger dog does, they’re much more content lying down,” Hammond said. “A younger dog needs a longer walk, older dogs just want to relax, and it’s a lot easier for someone who isn’t used to high energy.”

Senior cats are a little different, in that they may never need dental. Still, they could get ill, such as getting a bladder infection.

For the most part, Hammond said, they have more senior dogs than senior cats.

But the main thing is they are still trying to match pets with the potential adopter’s lifestyle, which is something the HSNBA wants to highlight. 

The special will run until Labor Day, and Hammond said there might be another flash sale from now up to then.

“We don’t know when it’s going to happen, we don’t know when we will get 20 dogs from an overcrowded home or a big intake weekend,” she said.

In the meantime, the senior special goes on.

“That’s leaving an empty kennel that we can save somebody else in,” she said.

For more information on adopting, visit www.hsnba.org.

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