40th anniversary

Justin Gover surfs at the Boogie Bahn Showcase during Schlitterbahn's 40th anniversary celebration on Friday, June 21, 2019. Gover has been surfing at the Boogie Bahn since it opened in 1991. "I used to ride my bike 31 miles from San Antonio to Schlitterbahn and back just to surf," said Gover.

Schlitterbahn goers, the park’s new owners have heard the pleas and granted them. 

Coolers and free parking are in for 2020. 

To celebrate coolers still being welcome in Schlitterbahn next year, the New Braunfels and Galveston Schlitterbahn parks are kicking off the inaugural National Bring Your Cooler Week this week. The newly created holiday encourages folks to take their cooler to Schlitterbahn, work, the park or just wherever a cooler can go and was created to pay homage to Schlitterbahn fans’ love of coolers, said Winter Prosapio, corporate communications director for Schlitterbahn.

“It’s been the burning question,” Prosapio said with a laugh. “We’re excited to be able to announce coolers and free parking will be a part of our next season.”

The official decision and an announcement took place a couple of weeks ago, however to help spread the word, Schlitterbahn decided to create National Bring Your Cooler Week, Prosapio said.

“This is the week before everyone goes back to school, and it’s just a great time to bring your cooler somewhere fun, even if it’s not Schlitterbahn,” Prosapio said.

Schlitterbahn came into new ownership in June of this summer, after the Henry family decided to sign an agreement putting New Braunfels’ iconic waterpark under the tenure of Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. 

“These are the historic family friendly policies Schlitterbahn has had around forever, so this is different for (Cedar Fair) — but they really did hear the fans and said, ‘We don’t want to change the things people treasure,’” Prosapio said.

To further get the word out, Schlitterbahn unveiled a parody video Monday to let people know their coolers and free parking would still be a part of Schlitterbahn’s philosophies, in which a “Come and Take It” sign is changed to show a cooler and reads “Come and Bring It.” 

The video parodies Taylor Swift’s “You need to Calm Down,” and features staff dancing in Schlitterbahn’s pools while holding, toting and getting food out of a cooler. 

As part of National Bring Your Cooler Week, the New Braunfels and Galveston parks will be giving away four coolers, four $50 H-E-B gift cards, four limited edition T-shirts and eight season passes good for the rest of this year and 2020. 

To enter the drawings, visit https://www.facebook.com/SchlitterbahnWaterpark/

“Saving the historically family-friendly policies in place at Schlitterbahn like free coolers and free parking were the #1 concern of fans when the sale of the two parks was announced in June,” Schlitterbahn said in an official statement. “Parent company Cedar Fair decided not to change the policy for 2020.”

Schlitterbahn also recently launched its new Bahn Saver Summer Season Pass Payment plan, allowing families to purchase a season pass and make payments of $16 a month for New Braunfels or $14 for Galveston. 

“In New Braunfels payments start at just $16 a month for adults and $10 a month for children and seniors (payments run for 6 months following an initial $50 deposit, plus applicable fees and taxes),” Schlitterbahn stated on its official blog. 

National Bring Your Cooler Week will run until Aug. 18. For more information about Schlitterbahn and its 2020 season, visit https://www.schlitterbahn.com/new-braunfels/season-pass.

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