A new work of art is coming to the Brauntex Theatre, but it isn’t a performance — the Brauntex will be the canvas for the latest New Braunfels mural.  

Depicting the history of performing arts in New Braunfels, the piece will be the eighth mural to become a part of New Braunfels’ Historic Outdoor Art Museum, said Lois Newton, secretary of the HOAM. 

Brauntex Theatre Executive Director Cheryl Fisher said the Brauntex is very excited about the mural, which will be on the south wall of the theater where it will be an eye-catching detail for people at the railroad tracks.

“It will be kind of your welcome to entertainment, to downtown,” Fisher said.

The archival paint mural will be 15 feet by 60 feet, Fisher said, and it will be sealed with a protective sealant. 

“We’re in the midst of completing a 2-foot by 8-foot rendering by the mural artist Brent McCarthy,” Fisher said. 

The Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre Association had approved the historic outdoor art museum to create a mural about six years ago, Fisher said. 

“I believe the Historic Outdoor Art Museum had other projects ahead of it and the last project, the Legacy of Our Journey, the Mexican-American mural, that was dedicated last year, May of 2018, was in the works, so there were some other projects that needed to come before this one,” Fisher said.

The mural is still awaiting final approval from the New Braunfels Historic Landmark Commission, Newton said.

“The Brauntex board has approved the mural so … now on May 14 we will be going before the Historic Landmark Commission with an application for their approval to proceed with the mural,” Newton said. 

This step is mostly a formality, Newton said. 

“It’s basically for sure but there’s proper procedures and channels that have to be approved prior to being granted the ability or commissioned to do the mural,” Newton said. 

Although there is no set start date to work on the mural, the goal is to have the mural finished in 2020 as a contribution to the city’s 175th celebrations, Newton said. 

“We want to have it completed in honor of the celebration of the 175th year of New Braunfels, for the yearlong activities that have been planned,” Newton said. 

The progression of the mural will be something interesting for people to look for, Fisher said. 

“We’re also going to be in touch with local schools, because we want students to come by and see the progress and be a part of that,” Fisher said.

A final rendering has been approved by the Brauntex, but will not be shown to the public until the Historic Landmark Commission approves it, Newton said. Final cost estimates also won’t be given until then, she said.

The mural will be funded through the HOAM through donation funds and grant funds, Newton said.

“We’re very excited. It’s going to be so colorful and so depictive of the many facets of art,” Newton said. 

The mural will show venues of New Braunfels’ arts scene — indoor and outdoor, past and present — depicting the story of the city’s performing arts through the years. It will also show how music was important to the German settlers who came to New Braunfels, Newton said. 

“Music was part of their survival, it was part of their joy, their entertainment, so all of that will be depicted in this mural up to current times,” Newton said.

Mural artist Brent McCarthy is already well-known in New Braunfels for painting Fenster inst Wurstfest, Hermann Seele – The Soul of New Braunfels, and Spass und Gemutlichkeit. 

The HOAM is excited to celebrate yet another part of New Braunfels history, Newton said. 

“We’re excited, we’re looking forward to it,” she said.

For more information about the HOAM visit www.nbmurals.org.

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