Documentary recounts nightmare at Texas church

Filmmaker Charlie Minn, left, speaks with Stephen Willeford, in front of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, site of the worst mass shooting event in Texas history on Nov. 5, 2017. 

The deadliest day in Texas history is the subject of an 85-minute documentary that begins a week-long run in New Braunfels theaters on Friday.

“Miracle on 4th Street” is the story of the Nov. 5, 2017, mass shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, which remains the site of the deadliest massacre at a place of worship in America, where 26 people were murdered and 20 others wounded during a 10-minute fusillade of bullets fired by a 26-year-old New Braunfels man.

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Kevin Carroll

I find this article incredibly biased and slanted because of this comment, "Willeford, a former National Rifle Association firearms instructor, was armed with his AR-15 semi-automatic rifle." Having to throw in a comment that he was a former NRA Instructor as well the fact that this murderer used the dreaded AR15 (which apparently kills people on its own) is a perfect fit for he "gun control narrative". I'm personally not an NRA Member anymore but it does seem as if gun control folks always mention NRA & AR15. Fact is Willeford was kicked out of the service for domestic abuse. If the unnamed branch of the US military that he was discharged from would have reported him as an abuser, he wouldn't have passed the back ground check to purchase firearms. Furthermore, at the time of his crime, Willeford was a security guard at a resort on the Guadalupe where I live. This grown man lived with his parents on acreage between NB and Canyon Lake. He certainly was no success story and I'm happy that a citizen took care of him and that he didn't have to go through the judicial process for a heinous crime that he was obviously guilty of. Seems as if the HZ is becoming more and more biased to the left.

Jim Sohan

Really!? The Herald-Zeitung “fleshing out” the story with some interesting details about Mr Willeford make them biased to the left? No, it makes for better reading. Additionally, please get your facts straight! Mr Willeford was NOT the shooter. He’s the one who confronted and shot the shooter, ending the assault on the church. Mr Willeford WASN’T kicked out of an “unnamed Service” and not reported, it was the shooter. Not getting your fact straight and promoting falsehoods to support your narrative doesn’t do anyone any favors and in this case makes the hero out to be the bad guy.

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