Close to 10 months after announcing its arrival in the New Braunfels area, Go! Retail Group is now open in New Braunfels and looking to hire employees for its 250,000 square-foot distribution center south of town.

The Austin-based business is seeking 65 to 70 full-time employees to help fill customer orders of the company’s line of calendars, games and toys, under the Go! Retail Group brand Calendar Holdings LLC, according to a statement by the New Braunfels Economic Development Corporation. 

“The addition of Go! Retail Group to New Braunfels connects perfectly with the NBEDC Strategic Plan of adding more and better jobs to New Braunfels,” the statement said. 

Having such a company as Go! Retail Group come to New Braunfels and provide the opportunity to have a better quality of life is significant for the area, said Vice President of Economic Development for the NBEDC Chester Jenke. 

“Their peak operating times will benefit some of the summer seasonal workers who are seeking employment,” Jenke said.

Calendar Holdings LLC is a 25-year old company headquartered in Austin along with two other distribution centers and operates 750 “pop-up” stores throughout the United States and in international markets, the statement said. 

“Go! Retail Group is a unique and entrepreneurial business — we are the largest operator of pop-up stores in the world, with operations in six countries,” the group says on its website. “Our business started with calendars and has since grown up to include games, toys, t-shirts and books.”

The company announced its intentions to relocate a portion of its operations to New Braunfels in October, and Calendar Holdings LLC will lease the majority of space in the I-35 Logistics center located at 175 Southwestern Ave.

“Our business is a fourth-quarter retail business,” said Calendar Holdings LLC President Paul Hoffman in an earlier report, adding products are sold to independent retailers who set up seasonal stores and kiosks in various locations.

A presentation during a 4B board meeting last fall stated the logistics center was built as part of the city’s efforts to increase the amount of industrial space in the community.

The company will also bring in about 80 five-month seasonal employees and 25 eighth-month seasonal workers, according to previous reports.

To apply in person, visit the facility located at 175 Southwestern, Suite 110 or visit www.goretailgroup.com.


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