Canyon Lake is known to many as the “Water Recreation Capital of Texas” — and, during the hot summer months, there is little question why the area attracts so many visitors.

For the many locals and tourists who annually come to visit Canyon Lake, water recreation is of course a big deal. Canyon Lake has 80 miles of shoreline and is one of the deepest lakes in Texas, with an average depth of 43 feet.

Many visitors spend the day out on the boat, enjoying the scenery or swimming. There are two designated swimming areas at Canyon Lake: Comal Park on the south has a playground area, picnic sites and a swim beach, and Canyon Park on the north also has a swim beach. Fishing is a common activity during the day, as the water is temperate enough to sustain rainbow trout throughout the summer.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Canyon Lake manages all of the parks at the lake, all of them with boat ramps. Many of the parks offer camping sites, RV parking, shelters and picnic areas. For those without their own boat, the Canyon Lake and Cranes Mill Marinas have boats that can be rented for the day. In addition, the marinas offer a souvenir shop, restaurant, wet and dry storage and over 700 docks across two marinas.  

Don King, the general manager at Canyon Lake and Cranes Mill Marinas, believes that although the lake might be a little low this summer, there are still plenty of ways for the whole family to have fun on the water.

“The lake is about seven feet low right now, but the recent rain has definitely helped and put us in good shape for the summer,” King said. “The water has come up two feet since then. I also think a lot of people come to the area because Canyon Lake is beautiful, and many people consider it the best lake in Texas, as far as water capacity.”

Although King desires for everyone to have fun when they are on the water, he is most concerned with safety this summer.

“Be safe, be smart and just use common sense,” King said. “We want people to come out and have fun, but also be safe. There is plenty of water.”

In addition to the water recreation at the lake, tubing on the Guadalupe River is arguably one of the most popular summer activities in the Canyon Lake area. River trips are an enjoyable group experience for many people, and several of the river outfitters will shuttle people up the river, and then pick them back up once finished.

The Tube Haus, located in Canyon Lake at the beginning of the Horseshoe Loop, specializes in Guadalupe River rides, tube floats and rentals.

Dusty Sexton, a driver at the Tube Haus, encourages people to have fun on the river, but use common sense this summer.

“We always tell folks to bring a good pair of river shoes and just follow the rules when out on the water,” Sexton said. “Floating the river seems to be a social thing for a lot of people. Even when it’s really crowded, there is still the opportunity to meet new people. It will probably be a hot and dry summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.”

For more information about the Tube Haus rates, visit their website at For information on the Canyon Lake and Cranes Mill Marinas, visit their website at www.

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