A meeting featuring a Texas Border Volunteer hosted by the Bulverde Area Republican Women has been canceled after organizers said they were worried about protestors and what they might do.

The meeting was set for Monday, at the GVTC Auditorium, and the BAR-W had invited Jim Gibson of the border group  to give a presentation about immigration.

The flyer says Gibson would have spoken about, “Illegal alien stampede, caravans of ‘migrants,’ drug cartels & terrorists, human trafficking, disease… we will hear it all!”

When word got out about the meeting, some began to plan protests in front of the GVTC Auditorium on the day of the meeting. Others began reaching out to GVTC board members to cancel the meeting.

BAR-W President Kaci Sisk made the decision to cancel Monday’s meeting.

“Due to a credible threat of disruption, with potential harm to people and facilities, we are cancelling the August 12th Bar-W meeting,” said the BAR-W’s Facebook post. 

The post mentioned the group has received voicemails and emails telling them to cancel their meeting, as well as posts on their Facebook page.

“The promises, if the meeting was not cancelled, were: mass disruption of the meeting, picketing, news media coverage,” the post went on. “The rhetoric stopped just short of threats of physical harm and damage to facilities.”

State Representative Kyle Biedermann made a statement on BAR-W’s meeting cancellation as well.

“Shame on those responsible for these threats,” he said. 

Mary Rios, Spring Branch/Bulverde Meeting Chair for the Democratic Women of Comal County, said the vice president of GVTC told them that if they had any complaints to notify the organization.

“We were polite,” Rios said. “If (Gibson) is not removed, we will come and protest, but we would rather just have the meeting cancelled.”

DWCC President Lydia Rogers said different people were against the meeting’s program. Another organization, called Concerned Residents of Texas Detention, posted an event to protest the meeting.

Rios, and Rogers said they have never heard of the group, nor did they know they would be present.

Attempts were made to reach out to the CRTD, but calls and messages were not returned.

The meeting would have come in the aftermath of an incident in El Paso  where a gunman opened fire at a Walmart killing 22 and injuring 24 more.

The shooter told detectives he was targeting “Mexicans.”

While the BAR-W meeting has been cancelled, the group said they will have Gibson return for a future meeting.

Rogers said that that was fine.

“It’s not surprising in a sense, I think a lot of has to do with the time frame,” Rogers said. “I believe in freedom of speech, regardless of what they believe in, just postpone it.”

An attempt was made to reach out to BAR-W President Kaci Sisk, but she did not return any calls by the time the article was published.

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