Jose Munoz loads trash into a rear load trash truck on Friday, Aug. 31, 2018. With budget funds, the solid waste and recycling division is planning to purchase newer and bigger trash trucks that will load from the side. These types of trucks will allow one employee to drive an entire route without exiting the truck, therefore decreasing risk for injury.

Following city proclamations celebrating the Comal Springs and July as National Parks and Recreation Month, the New Braunfels City Council talked trash Monday evening — that is, about the city’s first official Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan.

Approved Monday night on the consent agenda following a 30-minute presentation by the city’s Solid Waste Manager Michael Mundell and Vice President of SCS Engineers Michelle Leonard, the plan aims to help manage New Braunfels’ trash during a pivotal time in the city’s growth. 

“The Solid Waste and Recycling Division — known as the SWARD — has experienced and increased demand on their services over the last several years and has recognized that there’s a need to develop a plan to address those needs moving forward,” Mundell said.

The plan includes solutions to the growth of waste spawned from the growing population such as promoting reducing trash, reusing items and recycling. 

“The plan goals are to achieve further progress in waste reduction; waste minimization and reuse; maximize resource recovery and diversion; ensure available capacity solid waste facilities utilized currently by the city; maintain sufficient funding mechanisms to support programs; and encourage and expand coordination and communications regarding solid waste issues among all agencies and private firms in New Braunfels and the region,” Mundell said.

Also Monday, council approved:

• The reappointment of an individual to the Civil Service Commission for a term ending Aug. 10, 2022.

• An extension of current terms for two positions on the Downtown Board by one year.

• Annual contracts with Kahlig Enterprises Inc. dba Bluebonnet Motors Inc. and Griffith Ford Seguin LLC, for the purchase of city vehicles on an as-needed basis.

• Renewal of the following annual contracts as allowed for by contract language: Auditing Services; Golf Course Concessionaire; Cemetery Maintenance Services; Landscape Services-Flood Properties & Medians; Road Construction Work; Dental Healthcare Administrative Services; Medical and Pharmacy Administrative Services; HVAC Maintenance Services and Aviation Fuel Services for New Braunfels Regional Airport.

•  The first reading of an ordinance amending Chapter 130-26 of the Code of Ordinances to change the criteria for members of the Board of Trustees of New Braunfels Utilities.

• The first reading of an ordinance amending Chapter 126-355 of the City’s Code of Ordinances to remove the prohibition of overnight parking in the Downtown Parking Zone to include both sides of East San Antonio Street from Market Avenue to Gilbert Avenue and the southwest side of North Market Avenue from East Mill Street to East San Antonio Street.

• First reading of an ordinance amending the Code of Ordinances Chapter 86-2 regarding refunds of reserved picnic area and individual picnic table usage fees in city parks.

• First reading of an ordinance amending Chapter 130-26 of the Code of Ordinances to change the criteria for members of the Board of Trustees of New Braunfels Utilities. 

The council’s next regular meeting will be held at 6 p.m. July 22 in council chambers at city hall. For more, visit www.nbtexas.org.

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