The first resident moved into Veramendi in August of 2019, but 2020 is slated to be a big year for the 2,500-acre development. Submitted photo


In 2019, Veramendi officially opened its doors to the community in a celebration that spanned an entire summer weekend. 

While this was a big moment for the 2,500-acre development and concluded 10 years of planning and building, 2020 is set to be a huge year and start a big decade for Veramendi, according to ASA properties staff.

From the start of dozens of new projects to the completion of more plans, 2020 will unveil the next parts of Veramendi as the development moves toward being the master planned community it was meant to be, said Peter James, CEO of ASA Properties.

A year to celebrate

“As for 2019, the biggest thing was the community opening,” added Max Harford, development manager with ASA Properties. “I think having a grand opening out there and recognizing all the stakeholders that have been involved in making this happen — celebrating that milestone, that was huge.”

The first resident moved into Veramendi in August of 2019, which was very exciting, Harford said.

“You drive out there now and there’s people walking their dogs, there’s people with lights on at night in their homes and it’s kind of a surreal feeling, it’s exciting and I think that first step into the vision has been a lot of fun this year,” Harford said. 

As of this month, 85 homes have either been finished or are under construction, James said.

‘”I think (a big part of 2019 was) also starting to see the beginnings of the trail network and the connections between the parks, and also the completion of the first park and that’s actually an important part of the project,” James said. “While it’s only a small part that’s been started it’s going to be really important.”

As for planning, 2019 was a big year in the completion of Sector Plan 2 — which plans for the commercial section along Loop 337, James said.

“(That’s) including the health precinct with Christa Santa Rosa, the retail commercial, the second elementary school — all that was in 2019 and the planning process,” James said.

A year to look 

forward to

There’s a lot of moving pieces to 2020, but despite the youth of the New Year these parts are already taking shape, James said.

“We’ve got some very significant infrastructure components that come under construction this year,” James said. “One is the regional dam which is part of the flood plan so we have bids going out on that this week and we should commence construction of that in the next few weeks.”

That will be an approximately $8 million project, Harford added.

“We also this week open bids on the 1.5 million gallon elevated storage tank to go up next to Oakwood Church and that will go under construction in the next few weeks,” James said.

This storage tank would be next to the “unicorn” elevated tank and may effectively serve as a replacement, although details on this are still under discussion, James said. 

“The new one will be slightly bigger,” James added.

This year, a major downstream wastewater connection should start construction, fitting in with the infrastructure front, James said.

“(On the residential side), we’re also bringing on a couple of additional builders and doing some higher end product as well so that will be exciting for 2020,” James said.

Apartments, townhomes and senior communities will be a part of residential projects that will break ground in 2020, James said.

“Down on the loop frontage, we’re working on our first 48-acre release that will eventually include an entertainment section, a movie theater, and other associated entertainment deals, plus our first round of offices,” James said. “And we’re finalizing the arrangements for the second Veramendi Elementary School.”

Within the existing residential areas, the first community amenity will begin construction soon — a community pool. 

“And we’re working on a childcare center opposite Veramendi Elementary — and another retail building with a variety of tenants in it,” James added.

The initial commercial section will be designed and will really set the tone from an architectural styling perspective, Harford said. 

“So it’ll be exciting to see those projects come online and then you work from those to the even more bigger and exciting — like the movie theater, like those entertainment destinations, restaurants, things like that,” Harford said. 

This year, it’s likely the Loop 337 expansion Veramendi helped fund will be complete, and more of the trail network will come online, James added.

“There’s a lot of moving pieces but it’s all bringing the whole master planned community aspect together, so getting all the different components starting to work achieves what we’ve always been looking to achieve which is genuine master planned community with all the vestiges that comes with that,” James said.

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