Parents looking to find ways to help their children who are struggling academically will get their chance before the new school year starts.

Today, Brain Balance Centers, 11551 N. Walnut Ave., will host Discovery Night, and the experiential seminar will teach parents about the root causes of a child’s behavioral, social and academic issues.

According to the organization’s Facebook event page, with their Brain Balance Program, the way they approach challenges of childhood learning and developmental issues, such as ADHD or Asperger Syndrome,  is non-medical and drug-free.

Jennie Peek, the director for BBC, said they are having a Discovery Night so parents can come in for a brief presentation about brain development on the left and right sides, the weaknesses, and what they are looking for.

 “Behaviorally some of the parents that come to us do have the behavior concerns, social concerns, and they're looking for a different way or a different approach to kind of get some help in addressing those behaviors,” Peek said. “And so, Discovery Night is just really kind of an explanation about those signs and symptoms when you're looking at it from a brain function standpoint.”

The event page also said the program will focus on the child and combine physical and sensory-motor exercise with academic skill training, healthy nutrition and confidence building.

Additionally, the BBC will speak about social issues, addressing what they call body awareness, which is taking a look at the child’s overall maturity level to see if they are understanding themselves and other people.

Peek said people have an internal intuition that allows them to recognize that something’s wrong and identify someone as a stranger who should not be talked.

“Some of our students can be withdrawn and calm and some of our students that we see are almost too outgoing,” Peek said. “So, they don't know what ‘stranger danger’ means, and so in this day and age that's a really big thing for some of our kids who just talk to anybody.” 

There will be two sessions back to back, one at 4:30 p.m., then another at 5:30 p.m. Despite the limited amount of time, Peek said they will give out as much information as possible and then hold a question and answer period afterward.

This is also the first time BBC will hold a class like this, though it is not the first time they taught something of the like. In the past, this information was given out at events such as open house.

If parents miss out on both sessions today, Peek said there is talk that the BBC will hold this class again.

“I want to say once a month or maybe once every two months, so we can kind of get a little bit more public awareness as far as what parents can look for certain things and go from their answers,” Peek said.

She added that it’s important to get this information out to parents, and to let them know they are able to help those behavior changes.

 “Getting that information out there is more important to families that may not have heard of us. Maybe they will hear about us this way, and they can come in and get some questions answered,” Peek said. “It's always nice that we gather information because the more resources, we're told, you have in your tool belt, the better you can address anything.”

The Discovery Night seminars will start at 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 pm., at the Brain Balance Centers-New Braunfels, 1551 North Walnut Avenue, Suite 1. People can RSVP or get more information by calling (830) 609-9520 or email at


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