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Make new school year resolutions

(Sing it with me) It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s that festive time of year when I start researching healthy recipes and resolving to exercise more. In the coming weeks, you’ll probably find me at Goodwill, dropping off clothing that I’ve cleaned out of our closets and tchotch…

Back to the ’50s

Built on a yearning for a simpler time, family tradition and the dreams of a young entrepreneur, Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theater just north of town allows New Braunfelsers to step back into the 1950s anytime.


Polka dance memories

Recently a cassette tape was found with tunes recorded by the Hi-Toppers Orchestra in 1965. This collection of polkas, waltzes and ballroom standards brought back many memories of dance halls and music of the past. Of course, the collection served as a reminder of how the musical entertainme…