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Uncork Gruene

Gruene is a wonderful little historic district known for its honky tonk history and has served as the setting for unforgettable moments creating fond memories for generations of Texans. February is especially unique to our area as love dominates the air making special opportunities to take a…

Art in the round

Don’t walk into Dean Fredrick’s jewelry design studio at 273 E. Mill St. expecting to browse cases of rings, pick up a last-minute gift or have the battery replaced in your watch. This isn’t that kind of place.

The ties that bind

New Braunfels is no stranger to helping those in need, including Family Promise of Greater New Braunfels which partners with local churches to house those on the brink of homelessness.

Love everlasting

My husband and I recently celebrated 20 years of marriage. While I wish I could say that I carefully chose my spouse all those years ago and that we had goals and plans in place for a long and happy marriage, alas, we did not. All I knew, 20 years ago, was that I thought this guy was an upst…


Positively powerful

I’ve been called lots of names in my day (many not suitable for printing in this fine, upstanding, family publication), but one that I don’t take offense to is “Pollyanna.”