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A culture of health

At the highest point between the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers, in an area once known to settlers as Comal Town, Woody Welch, executive creative director of Earth Repair Corps, is working to sustainably restore health to the earth of his property.

Make new school year resolutions

(Sing it with me) It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s that festive time of year when I start researching healthy recipes and resolving to exercise more. In the coming weeks, you’ll probably find me at Goodwill, dropping off clothing that I’ve cleaned out of our closets and tchotch…

Cones for kids

In a town that is rooted in German tradition and family, the Steuben Society of America, formed locally in New Braunfels in the past six to seven years, takes the time to invest and unify these two elements every August with the tradition of schültüten. With a sense of empathy for children o…


Fair weather

Last year Comal County Fair celebrated 125 years as an annual gathering place for friends and family — increasing in size while maintaining the same atmosphere.