Following reports from citizens about an individual driving in a car similar to a law enforcement vehicle and behaving badly late last year, police in Comal County recently arrested a man accused of impersonating a public servant.

Bulverde Police Department officers served the arrest warrant on the man Tuesday afternoon at his home in Bulverde, Chief Gary Haecker said. The car the man was driving was similar to ones driven by Texas Department of Public Safety troopers, Haecker said.

“He had a DPS car that looked exactly like a DPS car with the exception for the most part where it said Texas Department of Public Safety it said Texas State Plumber,” Haecker said. “On the back where it says State Trooper it says State Plumber. He owns a plumbing company.”

The car had a light bar with blue and white lights and a siren attached, the chief said. The suspect was known to drive around the area with the lights and siren activated, Haecker said.

A firefighter from the area reported seeing the vehicle not stop at a red traffic signal with the lights and siren activated, he said. The firefighter’s vehicle had a video camera attached, and it recorded the suspect driver traveling more than 100 mph at one point, Haecker said.

Other citizens made numerous reports about the vehicle and driver, he said.

“He was not pulling people over that we were aware of,” Haecker said. “We didn’t get any complaints of that but lots of complaints about him turning on his lights, going through intersections with his sirens, things like that.”

Haecker said his department forwarded the information to authorities in Bexar County who obtained an arrest warrant.

The Bexar County District Clerk’s office issued the warrant, a spokeswoman there said.

She added that the date of the alleged offense was November 25, but said she had no information about when the warrant was signed because it had not been returned by a police officer as of late Friday morning.

About 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Bulverde police served the warrant on 41-year-old David Frederick Shannon as he left his home. They took him to the Comal County Jail.

A jail spokesman said Friday that Shannon was released Tuesday after posting a $15,000 bond.

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