Q. I have what I think are cabbage loopers on my broccoli. They are tiny and have not done much damage yet. I have used Thuricide to try and control them, but it does not seem to be working. What is another option?

A. I see the egg masses and tiny caterpillars on the broccoli leaves you submitted. It is also clear that the loopers have not done much damage. I think the Thuricide is working. Bt products kill the loopers when they consume the foliage on which the spray has been applied. To make it even more effective add a teaspoon of Dawn or another detergent to the solution and thoroughly apply the mix to the underside of the leaves. The Thuricide or other Bt product works best when the container is less than two years old.  Apply it every time you see any loopers or damage. My recommendation is you stick with the Thuricide treatment. 

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