We went to experience Bob Schneider the other night.  It was great!  I’m a fan, Nancy is a big fan, our friend Kate is beyond that, examining the mind behind his words. We each have our own way of appreciating his music.  I place his writing on a spectrum, just like the electromagnetic spectrum, from lead piercing gamma rays to sub-sonic long wave radio.  He gets me however, with stuff off the spectrum.  Maybe it’s metaphysics, maybe he just wonders about it.  Maybe it’s the same stuff astrophysicists and cosmologists wonder about. 

I’m thinking it’s about the in-between, that stuff between what we think we know and what we believe in.  I’m trying to segue here.  I’m going to make it about cosmic aether and astral planes, dark matter and cosmic branes.  I think God is in the mix.

We humans are so good at defining what we see, or even what we don’t see.  We can slap a label on anything and convince others to believe it, snake oil.  The smart ones will figure out how to make it look good.

Science is a constant struggle.  Just when we think we have a handle on it, boom, someone or something twists the screw a little and the handle breaks.  Our best science was sure Earth was the center of everything, with astral planes of existence surrounding it.  Our best science held that space was filled with an aether so all the stars, planets, everything would be supported. Our best science placed the cause of cholera, malaria and other infections on “bad air” or “vapors.”  Our best science determined the atom to be the smallest particle of matter. For the most part science does move forward and our current best science corrects mistakes made in our previous best science.  We realize now the handle is not fixed, more like a bungee cord.  

Our current best science is looking for “dark matter,” the stuff holding galaxies and galaxy clusters together.  What about the aether?  Our current best science is trying to figure what’s causing our universe to expand at an accelerating rate.  We just call it “dark energy.”  Dark matter and regular (baryonic) matter don’t appear to be able to hold the universe together.  Our current science is examining our universe’s beginning, and some think it formed when two other universe branes (membrane universes) touched, inciting our birth.  Our current science is struggling with the continuing emergence and evolution of antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Vapors or bad air would be easier to deal with, eh?  Our current science is developing a quantum computer based on sub-atomic particles.  Oops, the atom isn’t the smallest thing. 

At least our current best science acknowledges the complexity and difficulty in determining the nutritional impact of supplements.  Supplement marketing, snake oil.

What’s in the Sky?

Southerly after 9 p.m.  Find Sagittarius’s Teapot and scan the Milky Way above with binoculars.  Loads of clusters and nebulae.

09/13-14 Harvest Moon

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