(Sing it with me) It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s that festive time of year when I start researching healthy recipes and resolving to exercise more. In the coming weeks, you’ll probably find me at Goodwill, dropping off clothing that I’ve cleaned out of our closets and tchotchkes that never quite found a place on our shelves, in an earnest effort to reduce clutter around our house. At my desk, I’m undoubtedly busy bullet journaling, organizing our various family calendars (with Pinterest-inspired, chalkboard-style, decorative fonts, of course), and finding ways to tweak our household budget. This year I’m resolving to get our act together! 

(Right about now, you’re probably wondering if you’ve accidentally picked up a back issue of New Braunfels Monthly from January. Nope. It’s just the end of summer, the beginning of a new school year, and it’s time to set some new school year resolutions.) 

Honestly, I’ve always felt like the beginning of the school year was a far better time to embark upon changing habits and starting fresh than cold, depressing January, anyway. There is something about the start of a new school year that holds with it the promise of new beginnings and of finally, this year, getting it RIGHT. The new school year brings with it the delicious opportunity to set goals and make changes. 

Less is (sometimes) more

New school year resolutions don’t have to be all about doing MORE. For some parents, a reasonable new school year resolution could be to say “no” more often. Maybe this is the year that you take a step back from the PTA or youth sports leagues. Perhaps resolve not to over schedule yourself so much and build in time for self care and family. By picking and choosing what you say yes to, you can be assured that what you do get involved with is something that you can wholeheartedly contribute to.  

A good time for students to set goals

New school year resolutions don’t have to be just for parents. The beginning of a new school year is the perfect time for students to embark upon change. Maybe this will be the year that your child resolves to do better in math. Or, make new friends. Or, get perfect attendance. For those students who are going off to college, the new school year is a chance to adopt a whole new persona and make a true life change, and the same can be said for the parents of a new college student.

I can’t lie. I do feel a little guilty, being so giddy about the new school year starting, while my kids are mourning the end of their summer break. Much how I feel after the holidays, when I’m exhausted, ready to rein it in and get back to “normal,” summer always seems to begin with tons of hope and possibility, but ends with busted diets and too much togetherness. Starting the new school year with shiny, new school supplies, new goals, and a new outlook on life can be exciting and just the type of fresh start that we can all use this time of the year.

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