Ashley Landerman

Tune in Monday at 10 p.m. to Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge to watch New Braunfels’ Ashley Landerman, co-owner of 2tarts bakery, bring her zest for all things beautiful, artistic and tasty to the national stage as she competes with four ‘cookiers’ in the episode Homemade Holidays.

“The whole experience was incredible,” said Landerman. “From the moment I landed in LA, I was in awe of how the network managed everything. And, oh my God, their kitchen is absolutely stunning.”

Landerman endured a months-long application process for selection to compete on the program, where judges Matt Adlard, Ree Drummond and Brandi Milloy oversee two baking competitions that lasted 2 hours and 4 hours respectively. The winner receives a $10,000 cash prize.

“You are in it to win it, and it takes an incredible amount of focus and tenacity,” said Landerman. “I was definitely super nervous, but it drives my concentration and creativity. Plus, I really liked hanging out with the other competitors. I mean, who better to pass time with than people who love baking as much as I do.”

The cookies that Landerman made on the program will be available during the holiday season at 2tarts Bakery, which has made a name for itself since opening its doors in downtown New Braunfels in July 2010. The bakery has received numerous accolades for its festive and warm atmosphere, late-night hours, vegetarian options, unbelievably creative wedding and birthday cakes and of course, its delectable treats.

“My sister, April, and I rarely do anything that’s not out of-the-ordinary,” said Landerman. “We believe in fresh ingredients, a solid sense of humor and rely on our zany artistic tastes to guide us in our endeavors. We hope those who have visited our bakery in downtown New Braunfels would agree.”

And, if you ask Landerman who won the holiday cookie competition, she quips with a smile, “You are just going to have to tune in on Nov. 4 to see for yourself.”

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