Pluto, the little planet discovered at Lowell Observatory by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930 and named by  British schoolgirl Venetia Burney.  It became our solar system’s ninth planet, yea!  Pluto, the Roman mythological ruler of the underworld.  Makes it seem a little creepy.

Pluto enjoyed planetary status until astronomers realized it had siblings out there orbiting the Sun as well.  Some of them are nearly a big as Pluto.  This orbital space, called the Kuiper Belt, is beyond the orbit of Neptune and way bigger than the asteroid belt.  So, Pluto’s planetary moniker was stripped away by committee during the 2006 International Astronomical Union conference.  It became just another member of the Kuiper Belt, but big enough to be called a “minor planet” or a “dwarf planet”.  

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