It was great to have a full year without severe drought and irrigation restrictions in 2019. We are back in the normal summer pattern now in August of 2020 and many communities are under drought restrictions. Check on the situation in your community and comply with the restrictions if they are in place. Even if there are no restrictions it is tough to keep a lawn green in our soils when it is over 90 degrees every day. It is especially difficult if you have less than 6 inches of soil. The soil reservoir is limited, and the moisture gets used up before a week passes so any kind of restriction to weekly applications is a problem. 

If you have Bermuda, zoysia or buffalo grass one option is to stop watering and to allow them to go dormant if it is difficult to apply enough water to keep them green. It is best to irrigate St. Augustine at least once every 2 weeks for grass survival. The dormant grasses will recover when the rains and cooler weather returns. If you have an area that is especially prone to dry out, you can let it go dormant or supplement its dose of sprinkler water with a supplementary hand application. Hand watering is allowed any day and at any time in most systems. 

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