I read on a blog the other day about a young mother who is pregnant with her fourth child. Being the wife of a minister and having been raised by godly parents, this young mother has an attitude worth sharing with many people. 

What a Christian testimony this young lady has. Her first child was born with a small hole in her heart and since then she and her husband have extensive ultra-sounds done on their babies while in the womb. There have been no problems with children number two or three and so comes the ultra sound of the fourth baby. The doctor gave them the news that this child may have a cleft lip, which could mean a possibility of other problems such as syndromes and also a cleft palate.

All of us go through trials and tribulations in our daily walk through life. How do we handle ourselves when we hear news that we don’t want to hear? How do we handle situations that are totally out of our control? Where does our faith lie? Is it in the world or is it in Jesus?

Even as old as I am I still experience problems that seem to be overbearing. I often wonder sometime if I am going to make it through however the Lord has never let me down and brought me through in all situations. My faith and trust is in God and I know for sure that He is in control, not the world.

We are told everyday by agnostics and atheists that your time on earth is all you have. I don’t believe this and if they could feel what I feel when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, they would change their mind also. It all comes down to an outward expression of inward feeling.

When the young couple came away from the doctor’s office that day after the news of the fourth child, they had questions. Both knew that the only answer to all of their questions and unknowns is God.

As the young mother was reading to one of her other children she was comforted by what the book and the author was saying. “So all of the questions that can’t be answered we have to put to rest in Him. He knew before the foundation of the world about this child in our womb. Whether the problems with our child occurred because of genetics or environmental issues, it was no surprise to Him. I’m thankful for a good God who is sufficient in all of my surprises because of His sovereignty.  We won’t know much until the baby is born but we do know this fourth baby won’t be the same as my “big lip” babies but when the Great Physician knits a baby together there are no mistakes.”

What a wonderful testimony. If only all of us could have this kind of faith in God then our world wouldn’t be in such turmoil.

Prayer: Our Father I pray for this young couple as they expect their fourth child. I thank you for the faithfulness and their witness. Guide them and direct them as only you know how and I pray that more people would come to know you through their example. Amen.

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