Q. Our tomatoes have done very well this spring. I think they have the potential to continue producing this fall. They are Red Snapper, Tycoon, BHN 968, HM 8849 and all the recommended varieties.  They are still producing fruit, but they are partially infested with spider mites now. Surely there is something I can spray to control the mites?

A. There are no effective spider mite sprays once the population has expanded to the point of making the leaves look dusty.  The best reaction to spider mites in late June is to harvest all large fruit and pull the plants to discard them in a garbage sack so the mites will not infest your new fall planting in July. Prepare the soil the way you did in March with 2 inches of compost and 10 cups of slow release lawn fertilizer per 100 sq. ft of bed.  Use the same selections that were successful in the spring planting. 

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