Winter Prosapio

I’m thinking a lot about pecan trees lately. Our family has a thing about pecan trees, about pecans halves, about pecan pieces. In high school I used to drive by a beautiful road that had a massive pecan orchard. Trees were in neat ordered rows, stretching back along both sides as far as the eye could see.

The leaves of a pecan tree are long and elegant, so simple it’s probably not something many people notice. I loved their simplicity. I enjoyed the clean lines like those of a quickly drawn sketch from a gifted artist, familiar with finding beauty in unusual places. In the fall the yellowed leaves along the road transformed the world into gold; one last show of autumn before the trees would slumber.

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Jan Martin

So sorry for your loss. I just lost my father who had a strong love of his pecan trees. The obituary I wrote for him spoke of his love of “engineering”,...not by education, but by a knowledge and love of figuring out how to fix or build anything. A quiet man, also tolerated us children and grandchildren because of his love for my mother. Due to the Covid lockdown, I didn’t get to see him in his memory care room for 4 months...and not seeing his children was something that surely hastened his decline. I buried him in his favorite striped coveralls in a beautiful pecan casket. I am so sad....and I feel your pain. God bless you.

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