Just got off a facebook session with relatives about COVID vaccines. The term “established science” was used and then immediately challenged due to its “politicization.” I put my 2 cents in and got out. 

What about established science?

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Richard Johnson

Current scientific theory. The operative word is "theory". This means that it may not be true, but so far it appears to be true. This is different from law. Laws have been proven true.

So, lets not confuse the two. As applied to medical "practice", mostly the "theory" is what is "practiced". Also, in medicine, the practice involves many practices that are based upon "this is the way we did it in the past, so it must be true." I can give you an example, in recent memory. Remember stomach ulcers? Back in the early 1980's it was discovered that they were primarily caused by a bacteria that bores into the stomach lining. But, Doctors and HMO's were still saying that it was stress. Prescribing tranquilizers, along with acid reducers. Telling the unfortunate patient receiving this treatment to only eat "white" foods. All but the acid reducer was bunk and had no effect other than to get the patient addicted to the tranquilizer. If that did not work, they cut out the ulcer. Do no harm was out the window. Finally, the actual and inexpensive treatment was adopted. So remember when seeing your doctor, they practice. Do not have full faith in their assessment, as they may be wrong. As to Scientists, remember they operate within a theory. Those can are often are absolutely wrong, even with computers assisting, because they are only operating with flawed data and flawed theories.

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