Circle Arts book signing

W. T. Henderson, author of The Circle Arts Theatre Anthologies, signs copies of the book at the theatre. Submitted photo

Get to know the story and people behind the 50 year development of Circle Arts Theatre through a new book written by W. T. Henderson titled, “The Circle Arts Theatre Anthologies.” This collection of thoughts, witticisms and anecdotes gives the reader behind the scenes insight into the founding of the longest running theatre company in New Braunfels. Its author, Henderson, was there from the theatre’s humble beginnings and offers a uniquely funny perspective that makes the book a true page turner. Additionally, almost every page includes full color photographs of the more than150 productions Circle Arts has mounted over its 50 year history.

Little known facts, like how a junk yard car wheel was rigged to build a revolving stage, are melded with chronologically organized milestones to paint a vivid and humorous picture of the grit and ingenuity required to keep the theatre thriving against all odds. Henderson reminisces about other penny-pinching measures such as, very much like Carol Burnett’s infamous Gone with the Wind sketch, curtains at Circle Arts Theatre were taken down and repurposed into costumes, minus the curtain rods.  

Henderson pays homage to the theatre’s founder and long-time Executive Director, Elizabeth Elliott, whose vision has treated tens of thousands of people to quality theatre for over five decades. He collected testimonials from former members of the theatre’s youth company about how Roberta Elliott, current executive director, impacted their lives. And, he chronicles the winding road taken by Robin Williams to become the current artistic/technical director, another driving force behind the theatre’s success.

Books are available for purchase at If you or someone you know has ever been part of Circle Arts, you’re going to want this book.

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