Second Chance Breakfast

Church Hill Middle School food service specialist Yasmin Patlan serves seventh-grader Emilee Spriegel a Second Chance Breakfast grab-and-go meal. Submitted photo


Launched as a pilot program seven years ago, Comal Independent School District’s Second Chance Breakfast program is now available at all secondary school campus and has since become an integral part of many students’ lives.

“Students who eat breakfast perform better in school,” said Kimberly McKinley, the district’s wellness coordinator. “We want to ensure that each student has access to breakfast regardless of what time they get to campus.”

Daily, Comal ISD serves an average of 1,047 traditional breakfasts and an additional 1,300 Second Chance breakfasts at secondary campuses as part of its commitment to ensuring student success. 

The Second Chance program serves up meals in school cafeterias or food carts. The optional breakfasts are offered between the first and second periods of the school day, which appeals to those with first-period athletics or physical education classes or others needing an extra energy boost to get them to lunchtime.

“We have found that many older students just aren’t hungry when they first wake up and they prefer to eat after their first class,” McKinley said. “In addition, it’s a great way to give breakfasts to students unable to make it to school early enough to take advantage of the first breakfast.”

For students who don’t care much for early morning meals, Second Chance breakfasts come at just the right time. Quick grab-and-go bags include a nutritious entrée, apple or orange juices, strawberry Craisins or apple slices to round out the meal. Milk is served as an option for those not choosing juice drinks.

Banana bread, zucchini bread, breakfast pizza, chicken biscuit, sausage biscuit, pancakes and sausages on sticks or kolaches are among top favorites.

“I try my best not to miss Second Chance Breakfast,” Church Hill Middle School seventh-grader Mia Gonzalez said. “My favorite is the banana bread.”

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