Reckless Kelly

Reckless Kelly will be at Gruene Hall on Friday and Saturday. Publicity photo


When Australian actor Greg Pead made the movie titled “Reckless Kelly” in 1993, little did he know he’d give a young band from Challis, Idaho a very cool name. 

Pead changed his name to Yahoo Serious and made a string of comedies in Australia in the early ’90s. The Reckless Kelly movie was a satire of the famous Australian outlaw Ned Kelly. 

In 1996, when Willy and Cody Braun moved to Austin, they picked Reckless Kelly as their band name. On June 24, 2008 they released their fifth studio album titled Bulletproof which became a break-through album for the young Americana band. 

In fact, the movie poster is what inspired the album cover for Bulletproof. 

On June 21, to celebrate the decade old album, they will release Bulletproof Live, a live recording of the entire album. 

I spoke with vocalist Willy Braun a few weeks ago at the Americana Music Jam about the new live album. 

“It was such an important album for us,” he explained, “so we knew we wanted to do something special to mark the ten year anniversary. We decided to release a live version of the album, so we recorded a bunch of shows and picked the best versions of each song for the live record.” 

You can hear many of these songs plus a lot more hits on Friday and Saturday night at Gruene Hall. 

On Friday night, Brian Milson will open the show, on Saturday the Sun Valley Station will handle opening duties. Tickets for both shows are available at

Riley’s Tavern Hosts Two Austin Bands

Riley’s Tavern will host two great bands this weekend, starting Friday night The Derailers. 

They formed in Austin in 1993 when two friends, Tony Villanueva and Brian Hofeldt, decided to join forces and start a band. 

They released several independent albums before signing with Sony’s Lucky Dog label in early 2001. 

Their debut album, Here Come The Derailers, had the misfortunate luck to be release on September 11, 2001. 

In 2003, vocalist Villanueva left the band to spend time with his family and to become a pastor. Hofeldt took over lead vocals and the band soldiered on. 

They were heavily influenced by Buck Owens and often played at his Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, California. 

When Buck passed away, they released Under The Influence of Buck as a tribute to their hero. 

If you love the pure acoustic sounds of bluegrass, then Wood and Wire’s Saturday show at Riley’s will be the place to be. 

This Austin band are touring hard behind their latest album, the Grammy nominated North of Despair. 

Hard touring and fantastic music is what keeps this young band going so be sure to pick up a copy of their latest CD. See the complete live show schedule at

Waylon’s Birthday Bash in Luckenbach

Waylon Jennings was born on June 15, 1937 in Littlefield, Texas, and would grow up to become one of the greatest country singers to ever be born in the Lone Star State. 

From his early years with Buddy Holly to his outlaw days in the 70s, he always remained true to his music. 

When he signed with RCA Records in the mid-60s, producer Chet Atkins tried to polish his honky tonk sound by adding an orchestra to his songs. Chet and Waylon fought tooth and nail for years until Chet finally backed down and let Waylon do things his way. 

Given the freedom to make music his way, Waylon released Wanted! The Outlaws in 1976 and it became the first album in country music history to sell a million copies. 

Ironically one of his biggest hits, Let’s Go To Luckenbach, Texas, was his least favorite song. Written by Chips Moman, Waylon knew it would be a hit so he recorded it in 1977, even though he’d never been to Luckenbach. 

He grew so tired of singing the song that he’d often include it early in his set just to get it over with. He finally agreed to play in Luckenbach in 1996 for his pal Willie Nelson’s 4th of July picnic. You can find archive video of his performance on

Every year, the tiny town of Luckenbach hosts a Waylon Jennings Birthday Bash at the famous dancehall. This year they are having the bash on Sunday, June 16, and will feature Big John Mills. Various other artists are expected to join in the fun and more info can be found at

Phil Luna & the Lunatics

If you were at the Hill Country Craft Beer Festival back in April, you surely caught the performance of Phil Luna & the Lunatics. 

If you liked what you heard, then you are in luck because they will be playing this Saturday at the Tavern in the Gruene. Luna and his band perform a wide variety of songs that cover many formats of music. 

His set in April covered everything from Steve Miller to Phil Collins to Bruno Mars and everything in-between. He’s also doing a solo acoustic set on Sunday at the Grapevine in Gruene. 

If you have a chance, catch one of his shows, this guy’s the real deal.

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