Zack Walther

Zack Walther will play Tavern in the Gruene on Friday night for a full band show. Publicity photo


You can get your weekend started tonight with some amazing live music at Freiheit Country Store with the triple bill of Nate Rodriguez, K Phillips and the Reed Brothers. 

Nate is an excellent singer songwriter who just happens to be the drummer for the Reed Brothers. 

He’s from Victoria, Texas — my old stomping grounds. 

He’s been playing drums since his teenage years but learned guitar and started singing so he could play solo gigs when he had time off from his drumming duties. 

K Phillips is a Texas boy that grew up on his grandparent’s cattle ranch. His mom was a radio DJ and named him after her favorite Texan, Kris Kristofferson. His latest album, Dirty Wonder, was released in 2017 to wide spread critical acclaim. 

The Reed Brothers, Kyle and Keegan, have been playing music together since their childhood days. Like many musicians, they started playing parties, garages, basically anywhere with electricity. 

Their latest album is Heartstrings so be sure to pick up your copy tonight at the show. Come back Friday night for Gabe Garcia and Americana rising artist Sam Riggs. 

The Elvis Project comes to Freiheit on Saturday night. This big band covers Elvis’ music from the ’70s, without the jumpsuits. 

Of course there’s always Walther Wednesday’s at Freiheit featuring Zack Walther and Matt Briggs along with their friends and special guests. Check out all the cool things to do there at

Zack Walther 

Stays Busy

Speaking of Zack Walther and Walther Wednesday’s, they got their start at Tavern in the Gruene, then moved to Gruene Hall. 

They were at the Villa in Gruene for a while and now reside at Freiheit. It’s the perfect solution for breaking up the week and helping you survive hump day. 

Every time I think of hump day I’m reminded of the Geico commercial with the camel. 

Anyway, Zack is one of our best local musicians with a voice from heaven. Bret Graham was the first musician I met when I moved here from Victoria in the mid-’90s. 

Zack was the second musician I met and for a few years he lived across the street from me. 

When I heard his song Spinning Away on KNBT, I instantly called the station and asked who the singer was. I finally tracked him down — nowadays it’s called stalking — at the old batting cages on Gruene Road. He was working part time there and we talked for a bit and I left with a copy of his Live at Tavern in the Gruene CD. 

We’ve been friends ever since. Zack returns to Tavern in the Gruene on Friday night for a full band show. He’s also opening for Rodney Crowell at Gruene Hall on Sept. 7 and on Sept. 12 he will do a tribute to George Strait at the Brauntex Theatre. Bret Graham will join Zack for that show along with members of Strait’s Ace in the Hole Band. 

Zack and Matt are always writing and recording so I’m sure they have new music coming soon. Keep up with Zack at

Hip Hop and Reggae Comes to Whitewater

Whitewater Amphitheater continues to host sold-out shows which keep it in the Top 20 most popular venues in America. This Saturday night they are featuring a full night of reggae and hip hop music by three bands, Tribal Seeds, Matisyahu and Slightly Stoopid. 

Formed in San Diego in 2005 by brothers Steven and Tony Ray Jacobo, Tribal Seeds started as a two piece reggae band that has now grown to include six members. Their latest EP is called Roots Party and it was released in 2017. They are currently recording a full length album to be issued later this year. 

Matthew Paul Miller was born in West Chester, Pa. to a strict Jewish family. Matthew became a fan of reggae and hip hop music at an early age and was soon performing all across the Midwest. He began using his Hebrew name of Matisyahu and recorded his best selling Live at Stubbs album at the famous Austin BBQ & Concert venue. He is a huge fan of the jam band Phish and his music is heavily influenced by them. 

Slightly Stoopid were formed in San Diego in early 1994 by best friends Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald. They started off as a punk and heavy metal band but as they grew older and became better musicians, they drifted more to the rock, blues and reggae format. 

When they were trying to come up with a catchy name for the band, things didn’t go exactly as planned. They were describing their music as slightly this and slightly that when one of the members blurted out “that’s just slightly stupid.” 

They changed the spelling a bit and a very unique band name was born. Doors open early for this show, about 5:30 p.m. and the music by special guest Hirie starts at 6:30 p.m.  

David Crosby comes to Netflix

Netflix just released an amazing documentary on folk rock singer David Crosby titled Remember My Name, produced by Cameron Crowe. It covers Crosby’s entire career from his time with the Byrds, a brief stint with Buffalo Springfield, several decades with the supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and finally back to a solo artist. 

Crosby’s latest album, Sky Trails, finds him firmly planted in his folk music roots. At 77 years old, Crosby is still touring heavily and his singing is a strong as ever. This guy has survived a long drug addiction, a liver transplant, time in Huntsville prison and thousands of days on tour across the globe. 

I’m currently reading a new book by author David Browne titled Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: The Wild, Definitive Saga of Rock’s Greatest Supergroup. 

If only half of Crosby’s adventures are true, this guy is lucky to be alive.

Editor's Note: Corrections were made to Crosby's age and transplant type.

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