Theresa M. Booth, the associate pastor at First United Methodist Church New Braunfels, knows one thing for certain — when God says “Go,” you go. 

Booth moved to New Braunfels this summer from Freer, Texas — a small town with a population of almost 3,000 — where she was pastor at the local Methodist Church. Additionally, she was also pastor at Bruni United Methodist Church.  

“They were pretty small congregations,” Booth said. 

On July 1, Booth was officially hired at FUMC New Braunfels as the associate pastor.

Although she enjoyed her time at Freer and Bruni, she is excited to begin a new chapter of her life in the Hill Country town close to where she grew up.

“I was born in San Antonio, but my father was in the Air Force so we traveled around the world,” Booth said. “I’m excited to be in a church where we work together as a team to change the world. One of my main goals is to start working with missions and outreach. I want to help figure out what more we can do, and get people out in the community see what the need is. If there is an element out there that hasn’t been reached, I want to come in and help.”

Booth said she admires the church’s deep passion for Jesus, and hopes to find new ways to spread that love to the community.

“For me, church doesn’t always have to happen in a sanctuary,” she said. “Church can be handing water bottles out to people on the Fourth of July, or working in the soup kitchen. You don’t always have to be in the church building because not everyone is going to walk through those doors. I have this passion for wanting to show the world who Jesus Christ is, and I don’t just want to talk about him — I want to be His hands and feet.”

While Booth admits it can be easy for churches to stay in their “comfort zones,” she hopes that is never the case for FUMC New Braunfels. 

“Churches can get really good at staying in their comfort zones, but Jesus Christ was never in His comfort zone while on this earth,” Booth said. “God has called me to hang out with His creation, and love them. I listen to what God says, and I go where He wants me to go. I just trust Him. Wherever He needs me to be, that’s where I’m at — whether that be a hospital, a tiny town or FUMC New Braunfels.”

FUMC New Braunfels is located at 572 W. San Antonio St. For more information, visit or call (830) 625-4513. 

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