Pre-World War II era in Landa Park — part 3

Top row from left: Boy Scout Carol Wilms; Sea Scout Rochette Reinarz; Queen Dorothy Weisser; Crown Bearer Walter Nolan, Jr; Sea Scout Kenneth Nuhn; and Boy Scout (unknown). Second row:  Ladies in Waiting: Juanita James (Point); Madelyn Gerlich (Harris) Third row Duchesses: Dorothy Hoyle (Adams); Lorraine Schnautz (Paxton); Lucille Stapper; Mary Louise Hopson (Nuhn); Martha Dietz (Vickers); Phyliss Foy (Soares) Fourth row Duchesses: Unknown; Unknown; Unknown; Marie Sadue (Jarisch); Mary Hoyle (Reichmuth); Unknown; Irene Stippa (Zipp); Unknown; Dancers; Inez Wegeman (Young); Inez Elbel (Berlin); Elaine Nolan; Boy Scouts; James Kinser; Norman Krause; Fifth row Dancers; Arlene Krueger (Seales); Mitzi Nuhn (Dreher); Rose Marie Leissner (Gregory); Joyce Mittendorf (Kelley); Prime Minister: Walter Dillard-Soloist: Roma Koepp Marti-Set Design: Thekla Locke Photographer: Otto Seidel. Courtesy of Madelyn Harris 

Her Majesty, Queen Dorothy of the House of Weisser, reigned graciously over the thousands of her subjects during the Water Carnival in Landa Park to celebrate the Labor Day weekend in 1940. Prime Minister Walter B. Dillard introduced the lovely blonde queen to her public Sunday evening in an impressive outdoor setting, and placed a richly ornamented gold and white crown on her head, proclaiming her Queen of the Water Carnival. The beautifully crafted Queen’s crown and scepter created by Francis “Franz” Coreth became part of the Queen of Hearts Coronation held as an annual event and fundraiser at New Braunfels High School.

Sixteen young women composed Her Majesty’s Royal Court. Ten were from New Braunfels. The two Ladies-In-Waiting were Juanita of the House of James (Point) and Madelyn of the House of Gerlich (Harris). Duchesses from New Braunfels were Dorothy of the House of Hoyle (Adams), Lorraine of the House of Schnautz (Paxton), and Lucille of the House of Stapper. Also honored as local duchesses were Mary Louise of the House of Hopson (Nuhn), Martha of the House of Dietz (Vickers), Phyliss of the House of Foy (Soares), Marie of the House of Sadue (Jarisch), and Mary of the House of Hoyle (Reichmuth). 

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