The home of Carl Jahn and Emma Holtz Jahn

Home of Paul Jahn’s parents New Braunfels Mayor Carl Jahn and Emma Holtz Jahn. It was where Paul was born. The home was located at Jahn St. and Academy Ave. Courtesy of Ruth Jahn Heitkamp

New Braunfels native son Paul Jahn with his many talents of diplomacy, perseverance, and resourcefulness focused on understanding the functioning of the Edwards Aquifer and the Comal Springs. This led to the formation of the Edwards Underground Water District and the possibility of solutions to the water issues.

Paul Jahn came from an interesting and productive family. He was the grandson of an original New Braunfels settler, Johann Jahn, who is recognized as an outstanding craftsman of Biedermeier furniture. Today examples of his creations may be found at the Museum of Texas Handmade Furniture in New Braunfels that is considered to have the premier collection of Biedermeier furniture in Texas. In addition, Johann Jahn was a member of the initial New Braunfels governing body. Paul’s father, Carl, was mayor of New Braunfels for 18 years at the turn of the century. Born Oct. 6, 1892, Paul grew- up with community concerns being a natural part of his life since his father was continually involved in a life of public service as the mayor. Paul’s older brother, Rudy, as well as younger brother, Ben, both went to Texas A&M. Paul yearned to attend A&M but his Mother was adamant about her second son, Paul not attending that school. While Paul’s older brother Rudy, was attending A&M he became quite ill. At that time, there was no hospital in Bryan. This required Mrs. Jahn to find lodging for both herself and Rudy near the campus while she nursed him back to health. She told Paul “once was enough.” A&M was not for him. Facilities must have improved by the time the youngest Jahn son, Ben, went to college. Rudy received a degree in engineering and did much to restore Landa Park, once it was purchased by the city. Ben farmed near Solms. Because Paul planned to take over his father’s business, he earned a business degree at St. Edwards University in Austin. Paul’s taking charge of the family business, Jahn Furniture Store, located in the Jahn Building on Seguin Avenue, allowed his father, Carl, more time to be involved in civic affairs.

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