Q. Always enjoy your articles. I have a problem I hope you can help me with. We have a terrible problem with cut ants. I have used all kinds of pesticides but nothing I have tried kills them. They will move the entrance to their underground home and come right back within a week. Any suggestions for control will be appreciated.

A. Cut ants are tough to deal with because they feed on fungus growing on the plant material that is stored in their large mounds. No baits replicate the fungus and the huge tunnels makes it hard to apply a physical control. I use an acephate roadblock to block the trails into my landscape. They usually shift their attentions to another direction. If it is essential to try and destroy the ants in the mound you can try mixing up a big batch of an acephate ant control such as Surrender with water and then pouring it into to mound at several points. 

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