NASA, through numerous contractors, built big rockets. Really big rockets. All the engineering, construction, manufacturing, computing, blood, sweat, tears, loss of life…all to pretend we sent humans to the Moon? Was it only a political Moon? 

There are lots of videos and books claiming that the Moon landings were faked. My article title is that of a popular 1997 video by James Collier, journalist and writer. Mr. Collier, in his 2-hour video, presents his and others evidence that NASA did not, could not land humans on the Moon. 

Let’s look at examples of NASA’s glaring mistakes while producing the Moon landing hoax.

Shadows. Some appear to be pointing in different directions. Fire the lighting technicians! Or, maybe it was the uneven nature of lunar landscape.

LEM (Lunar Excursion Module) issues. Mr. Collier points to a video of astronaut Neil Armstrong nearly getting killed as the LEM goes out of control during Earth-based training. He states the LEM never flew on Earth. That’s true. NASA decided to us a newly developed simulator vs. the actual LEM due to significant differences between lunar and Earth conditions. Strong wind gusts gave Neil the ride of his life. No wind on the Moon. Mr. Collier spends some time and invokes Albert Einstein regarding the LEM’s high mounted lateral thrusters. He states it is a physical law that the LEM would tip over when a lateral thruster is engaged. Mr. Collier fails to understand the relationship among force, mass and inertia. The thrusters had a small force vs. the LEM’s mass, so inertia prevented the LEM from flipping over. However, if he wanted to, the LEM pilot could make it rotate end over end. It’s called control.

Radiation. Collier cites the Van Allen radiation belts as lethal exposure for astronauts. It does boil down to exposure. Yes, the astronauts received a dose of radiation, but their short time traversing the belts (both ways) made it a manageable risk. They were also exposed to radiation while in space and on the Moon. Again, a risk they were aware of. Non-lethal but not insignificant.

Flapping Flag. I don’t understand why anyone thinks it was flapping due to air currents. It flapped because it was being manipulated.

Moon Rover dust rooster tails. Collier points to what he calls atmosphere stopping Moon Rover tire dust from continuing outward indefinitely. It appears to clump up and drift to the surface. Watching the Rover tires, you can see the driver is alternately spinning and not spinning the wheels. With a quick spin, the mesh tires grab a bunch of regolith (Moon dust/dirt) at once and it gets sent upward in clumps, then drifts back. 

Are we going [back] to the Moon? Seems we are, then to Mars? Get the soundstages ready.

What’s in the Sky?

August 9; 9pm CDT; South: Check out a waning gibbous Moon, Jupiter, and Antares lining up pretty in Scorpius.

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