CISD Winter Weather Repairs

Comal ISD’s School Operations group posted photographs from Specht Elementary School on Twitter over the weekend. Water lines in the ceiling burst as part of last week’s winter storm.

New Braunfels and Comal ISD have been repairing campuses which experienced water damage and power outages due to last week’s snow storms, but students will be back in class today.

Both districts were closed on Monday.

“We appreciate your patience with us as we continued to repair and clean issues at campuses today,” NBISD Superintendent Randy Moczygemba said in a letter to parents Monday afternoon. “Overall, we had leaks at six of our 15 campuses and we continued to find new leaks today. Some classrooms had to be totally relocated to different rooms.”

New Braunfels Utilities lifted its boil water notice Sunday, but New Braunfels Middle School is on Green Valley Water System which is still under one, the district said.

For Comal ISD, Specht Elementary School is the only campus out of operation.

“[Specht Elementary School] had just had a couple of major water lines running through the ceiling and they burst so there was lots of water damage to the front office and a number of classrooms,” Exec. Director of Communications Steve Stanford said. “Water got throughout the building, so that one campus we will be closed for several weeks as we continue to dry it out and make repairs. We have a plan for those students at that campus by grade level to go to different campuses.”

Tuesday and Wednesday, all Specht students will participate in asynchronous remote learning.

Beginning Thursday, students who selected to continue with face-to-face instruction will report to assigned campuses:

• Tuition-based Pre-K – Timberwood Park Elementary

• Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grades – Arlon Seay Elementary

• 3rd and 4th Grades – Kinder Ranch Elementary

• 5th Grade and Essential Academics (EA) – Rahe Bulverde Elementary

The district said those in remote instruction will continue to do so until the grade level returns to the campus. Specht Elementary School teachers will be on each of these campuses to engage in remote learning.

Parents can choose remote learning at any time and all students from kindergarten to fifth grade are eligible for transportation.

There is not a set plan in case something like a snow storm damages campuses, but Stanford said maintenance and operations went to all the campuses they could and to shut off water if needed and check on them.

“We just start handling the situation as it happens,” Stanford said. “We give a lot of kudos to maintenance and operation folks. They were out there in the middle of last week in the middle of the ice going around to our campuses and evaluating them. They just did a really tremendous job last week in getting our campuses taken care of.”

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