IDEA New Braunfels

New Braunfels will become home to new charter school facilities in 2021.

This week, officials with Weslaco-based IDEA Public Schools announced the addition of two schools — IDEA New Braunfels Academy and College Prep. Both campuses will open in August 2021 with grades pre-K-second and sixth-grade and will add a new class every year until it is a fully scaled pre-K-12 grade campus.  

“We are excited about the continued expansion of IDEA schools in the San Antonio area with the addition of IDEA New Braunfels,” said Rolando Posada, regional superintendent for IDEA San Antonio. “We look forward to serving and supporting students, families, and community members in San Antonio and to be entering the community of New Braunfels. Our top priority is providing a quality education to our scholars that will prepare them to succeed in college and beyond.”  

The facilities are slated for construction at the corner of West County Line Road and South Seguin Avenue.

IDEA Public Schools entered San Antonio in 2012, with IDEA Carver Academy. 

In August, IDEA San Antonio is expected to serve 16,500 students at 28 schools and is poised to serve 29,000 at 37 schools by 2022.  

Founded in 2000, IDEA Public Schools has grown from a small school with 150 students to a network of tuition-free, pre-K-12 public charter schools in the United States. Currently, the IDEA network serves nearly 53,000 college-bound students in 96 schools across Texas and Louisiana. 

For the 14th consecutive year, according to school officials, 100% of seniors have been accepted to college, and for the past 13 years, nearly 100% of graduating seniors have enrolled in college.

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(4) comments

Keri DuBose

I would much rather support our local districts...which have very impressive graduation and success rates!! The IDEA schools have a totally different agenda... enough said!


[thumbup] I agree with you Keri. I've experienced both private and public school systems with my children. The private school pushed my child through Kindergarten and at the end of the day, he could not read on his grade level. I pulled him out and enrolled him into Comal ISD. Through the grace of God and CISD's Reading Recovery program, my child got back up to his reading level and went on to be awarded for an outstanding excellence in reading. He met and was congratulated by Josh Davis. So, I say YES to public schools! They literally take every child from every walk of life and disability and they work wonders with that child. My son learned to love to read all over again and it was because of one teacher in particular who cared enough to make him succeed [thumbup]

Jodie Flint

Those 100% graduation rates are due to the sorting and selecting process implemented by IDEA: they only cherry-pick the best and brightest among our children. In a city the size of New Braunfels, IDEA will skim through cream and leave the rest to our public schools. What a shame.

Bradley Odoms

It depends on which Idea you go to I go to the one in Weslaco on Pike and alot of the kids need a bunch of extra help and some of them don't even speak English it's the same in Brownsville. The main reason why they have 100% is because alot of the kids who struggle leave or get a ton of touturing before they graduate and because there's a lot of incentives.

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