NB Smokehouse

Hale Snyder, Co-owner of New Braunfels Smokehouse, stands between portraits of its founders, his grandparents, Arabel Dunbar and Russel Kimbel "Kim" "RK"Dunbar. Snyder is the third generation of his family to run the business.

New Braunfels Smokehouse co-owners Hale Snyder and Elizabeth Snyder Hale want New Braunfelsers to know they’re not going anywhere. 

The brother-sister duo have run the family business for the past year — a business which was started by their grandparents Arabel Dunbar and her husband Russel Kimbel “Kim” “RK” Dunbar almost 75 years ago.

After inheriting the business from their parents, Susan and Dudley Snyder, in 2018, the siblings have plans of continued success and improvements for NB Smokehouse, including better aesthetics and an updated menu for the restaurant. 

“We had two top managers here that retired last year after more than 50 years of dedicated hard work under the Dunbars and Snyders,” Hale Snyder said. “Our new managers, Derek Contreras, (general manager), and Arturo ‘Art’ Veliz, (CFO), are helping to lead us in a really exciting direction.”

Hale Snyder, who’s accumulated 15 years working for NB Smokehouse in various roles, including as director, said what he loves most about NB Smokehouse is the sense of community working in the meat business.

“I just really love the meat business. There’s so many amazing associations out there now, it’s great,” Hale Snyder said. “And we’ve been involved in the community here for years — Wurstfest, and all that — and I joined the Rotary Club.”

During the 74 years NB Smokehouse has been in business, it has grown into a successful local business acting as the main supplier of smoked jerky products to Buc-ee’s and acting as a supplier of Omaha Steaks International Inc.

“We want folks to know we’re not going anywhere, we’re not selling,” Hale Snyder said. “There’s a few big companies locally who have sold recently — that’s not us. We’re here to stay. I’m a third-generation owner and maybe someday we’ll even see a fourth.”

The duo splits the work, aiming to steer NB Smokehouse into the modern day, Hale Snyder said.

“I’m involved in daily operations, and Elizabeth handles a lot of the marketing aspects,” Hale Snyder said. “Our team has been computerizing a lot of records and such, as well, which has been great.”

Elizabeth worked at NB Smokehouse restaurants throughout her high school and college years, and the two work well together in all aspects of running the business, Hale Snyder said.

“We’ve never fought,” Hale Snyder said with a laugh. “Sometimes you hear about family businesses where it’s tough, but it’s not for us. We love it.”

Hale Snyder said he is excited to see NB Smokehouse doing well under his newly recruited managers, and his managers are continuing to bring in talent. 

“Derek and Arturo have been attracting a lot of really great employees in, just some really great folks,” Hale Snyder said. “And our marketing team is mostly all new, it’s been really good for us.”

With New Braunfels Smokehouse having stayed in the Dunbar-Snyder family for its entirety, Hale Snyder said he and his sister are excited to celebrate 75 years of business in 2020.

“Next year is our 75th, but it’s also the city’s 175th, so it just really worked out to be great timing,” Hale Snyder said.

NB Smokehouse is a meat manufacturing store and restaurant. The restaurant is located at 1090 Business I-35. For more information about NB Smokehouse visit www.nbsmokehouse.com/.

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