The Herald-Zeitung has a new circulation director to bring new ideas and efficiently distribute newspapers to the community.

Nik Susnjara is the new circulation director and said he will bring exceptional customer service, prompt responses to customer needs and new plans to create a faster and more efficient delivery system. 

“It’s an opportunity to improve our service in the circulation department,” Susnjara said. “And that’s what we’re looking to use this transition time to improve on.”

Susnjara was born in Chicago and moved to Florida with his family when he was 8. He grew up there and went to school. Five years ago he ended up in Texas looking for career opportunities. 

He previously worked on manufacturing floors in factories. The Herald hired him as circulation assistant. 

“During coronavirus I applied to the Herald and worked as circulation assistant and worked to improve the experience for our customers and ensure on-time reliable deliveries of the newspaper,” Susnjara said.

Herald-Zeitung publisher Neice Bell said she is excited about Nik’s potential. 

“I’m excited about having Nik on board, he gives a new fresh perspective to the job which we need right now,” Bell said. “I realize we’ve had a lot of problems in our circulation department over the past several months and we’ve been trying very hard to fix those problems.”

Bell said most of the problems are due to trouble hiring carriers to deliver the newspaper.

“I think Nik is going to do a fabulous job getting things on track and taking care of our customers by giving the best customer service that we can,” Bell said. 

As with many other businesses, Susnjara said he hopes to bring in new hires by improving working conditions across the board in the circulation department in office and for the carriers.

“Like so many businesses, we’re dealing with labor challenges,” Susnjara said. “However, we are coming up with new incentives for our carriers and always looking to improve our work environment. Which is absolutely necessary to meet our customer service goal.”

As a rapidly growing community with plenty of interesting stories, Susnjara said he thanks the community for supporting the Herald.

“I wanted to thank not just the company and my excellent coworkers but also the community for continuing to support our local paper,” Susnjara said.

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