By Sara Samora

The Herald-Zeitung

New Braunfels police are investigating after a man was struck by an SUV on the southbound frontage road of I-35 and died Wednesday morning.

New Braunfels Police Department officials say the fatality happened at 1:15 a.m. when the victim was pushing a shopping cart in the left lane of traffic of the frontage road. The man wore dark clothing and the driver, a 19-year-old local man, did not see him until the point of impact.

When NBPD and the New Braunfels Fire Department arrived, they found the victim was dead.

At this time, no charges have been filed against the driver.

Once the investigation and the victim’s next of kin have been identified, authorities said they will release the man’s identity.

Police officials took the opportunity to remind residents to wear light-colored or reflective clothing when walking at night along busy roadways to increase visibility to drivers.

David Ferguson, communications coordinator for the NBPD, said that drivers should always be on the lookout for pedestrians, even in areas where pedestrians don’t normally travel.  

“That’s especially true in less-than-ideal driving conditions, including rainy weather, foggy conditions, and dark or not well-lit areas,” he said.

 Ferguson said pedestrians need to always be aware they can be hard to see in those same conditions, and should attempt to stay on sidewalks.

“They should also try to walk while facing traffic, and maybe even carry a flashlight so that drivers can see them from a distance,” Ferguson said.

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Sam Roccio

New Braunfels police should investigate it on that whether it was a planned attack or that accident was a result of some mistake. Here Myths About Social Networks in Business you should read. If driver is found on guilty, he should be given as strict punishment as possible.

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